Activision To Release 007 LEGENDS This Fall

VIDEO GAMES: Activision To Release 007 LEGENDS This Fall
Comic Book Movie
Activision has announced 007 Legends, a video game which will feature some of James Bond's most iconic missions, taking players through six movies (including Skyfall). Hit the jump for details. To celebrate the James Bond franchise's 50th anniversary, ...

Ron Paul Video Game: Soon You Can End the Fed
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Ron Paul has the answer: a video game featuring the 76-year-old Texas Republican and presidential candidate. Still in the development stages, “Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution” features the quixotic candidate traveling through all 50 states collecting gold ...

Video Game Character Aims to End Climate Change Through the Power of Playsourcing
MarketWatch (press release)
SANTA CLARA, CA, Apr 18, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- XEOPlay(TM), the game developer that brought you the first accelerometer iPhone game, announces the launch of Tilt World(TM). Nicole Lazzaro, CEO of XEOPlay, will introduce Tilt World to ...

London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games for PS3, Xbox 360 ...
Gaming Age
by Paul Bryant Sega today announced release details for their upcoming London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games, game for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. London 2012 is now set for June 26th release, so get, uh, training!

Canadian-made video games recognized at Fan Expo
Vancouver Sun
From coast to coast, Canada punches above its weight in cutting-edge video games. “We're the third largest superpower for developing them in the world,” explains Victor Lucas, creator and host of the television show Electric Playground.

Bond Week: Video Game 007 Legends Coming this Fall
A first-of-its-kind Bond video game, 007 Legends features an original, overarching storyline tying together six classic Bond movies, concluding with this year's highly-anticipated 23rd installment - SKYFALL - to offer the most diverse Bond gaming ...

New James Bond Video Game To Be Released In Time For Skyfall
Creating a video game storyline that ties together six popular, yet very different, Bond movie narratives can be challenging, but together with EON Productions, our developer Eurocom, has pulled it off to create an homage that we think will be a unique ...

Cyberpower Gamer Ultra 2120 Desktop PC
About - News & Issues
By Mark Kyrnin, Guide Apr 18 2012 - The Cyberpower Gamer Ultra 2120 is geared as a low cost gaming PC which is both good in some way but flawed in one key area. At $500, it certainly is quite affordable and sees a decent level of performance ...

UI journalism teacher adds video game narrative writing course to Fall 2012 ...
UI The Daily Iowan
The course, Specialized Reporting & Writing, Video Games & Communication, is a step by the UI to follow an increasingly popular educational technique — video games — used in classrooms. However, video-game experts in education said analyzing ...

Paramount Releases New 'Star Trek' Video Game Teaser And Concept Art
Science Fiction
If you're a 'Star Trek' fan and love playing video games, then this game seems to be made just for you. Check out the trailer and the concept art and let me know if you're sold. The currently untitled 'Star Trek' video game is slated to ship for PC, ...

Next Bond video game will highlight 6 films
By Marc Graser As the James Bond franchise celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Activision Blizzard announced "007: Legends" as its latest game in the spy franchise. Game developer Eurocom, behind the "GoldenEye 007: Reloaded" remake, ...

Lana Del Rey's Label Didn't Like "Video Games"
Justin Parker, co-writer of five songs on Lana Del Rey's Born to Die album, spoke with BBC's Newsbeat about the fact that her label Polydor didn't like the song "Video Games". The song is currently up for Best Contemporary Song at the Ivor Norvello ...

The 25 Douchiest Video Game Characters
It's tough out here for some, especially these video game characters. Unfortunately, these characters were designed to be the “cool guy.” They're brash, arrogant, flashy, brooding, you name it. The one thing they all have in common is that they try to ...

Video game event to benefit cancer research
UT Daily Beacon
Video games are known to have negative side effects: lower grades, sleep deprivation and hostile, jealous girlfriends. One organization on campus is working to justify spending hours with a game controller through a tournament to benefit cancer ...

OPINION: Less is more in modern video games
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
I don't enjoy getting stressed out when I play video games. That's why I shy away from certain genres when gaming in my free time, like RTS games for instance. I dabbled in “StarCraft II,” but the learning curve was so great in the online arena that it ...

'Thundercats' video game announced for Nintendo DS
Digital Spy
Published by Namco Bandai, the 2D side-scrolling action game will be released later this year, reports Siliconera. Based on the relaunched animated series, the game begins with the Lizard army advancing on Thundera. With his allies off fighting ...

SEMO BASE - asu gamer
Southeast Missourian
By Marty Mishow ~ Southeast Missourian Southeast Missouri State's Cole Bieser dives into third base after an errant pickoff throw to first base allowed him to advance during the second inning Tuesday at Capaha Field. The Redhawks defeated Arkansas ...

Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' Almost Shelved By Bosses
Lana Del Rey may have been dominating the charts with her breakthrough hit 'Video Games' for a while now, but a British songwriter has recently revealed that the track was almost shelved by label bosses! The man in question, Justin Parker,...


Gamer's Piece: Must-have summer gaming hits
UConn Daily Campus
But, while seniors like me are going to try to survive the post-graduation process and other students will have their summer jobs/interships to look out for, there are definitely some upcoming summer video games for these R&R moments.

Video game rock medley: Mario, Zelda, 'Halo', more - watch video
Digital Spy
A YouTube uploader has posted a video game rock medley comprising of covers of more than 30 popular titles. Fredrik Larsson, 25, takes on a variety of games in the video, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, ...

Video Game Mini Golf Course Not Just Par for the Course
Technabob (blog)
Tom Scott, along with some friends ported some video games like Minecraft, Portal, and The Crystal Maze into a mini-golf game for some extra fun and it looks like an awesome time for all, despite the fact that there is no Super Mario anywhere.

Technabob (blog)

Lana Del Rey's record label didn't like 'Video Games', says song's co-writer
The man who co-wrote Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' has admitted that "no-one liked it" from her record label when they first heard the track. Justin Parker receives writing credits for five tracks on the singer's debut album 'Born To Die', ...

Video Game Review: Landmark Pair Included in 'Silent Hill HD Collection'
Everyone who thinks about calling themselves a serious gamer simply must play “Silent Hill 2” and “Silent Hill 3.” “Silent Hill HD Collection” was developed and released by Konami on March 20, 2012. It is rated M (Mature). The version reviewed was for ...

Video-game review: 'Supremacy MMA Unrestricted'
Bellingham Herald
By BILLY O'KEEFE - McClatchy-Tribune "Supremacy MMA Unrestricted" is, without a doubt, the best mixed martial arts game in the Playstation Vita's library. Unfortunately, that's partly because it's also the only one. And while some MMA action is better ...

This week in Video Game Criticism: From Cooking Mama to inhabiting Skyrim
It's This Week in Video Game Criticism! The man I usurped to get this gig, Ben Abraham, is back again this week with a compelling video essay in which he questions our fondness for the term immersion. This follows on a theme in recent weeks in respect ...


Check out this rock medley honoring video games
CBS News
Which explains why we are simply compelled to put this video up of a music medley of video games that will have you waxing nostalgic. Take a look and listen. The YouTube video entitled "The Video Game Rock Medley" was done by FreddeGredde who writes: ...

Obama Taps 'Video Game Czar'
Fox News (blog)
If in the next few years a video game teaches you anything — how to conserve energy, eat a balanced diet or solve quadratic equations — consider the invisible hand of one of the most unconventional White House hires in recent memory.
Fox News (blog)

How Kickstarter Could Ruin Video Games
Kickstarter is a website where anyone can post an idea for a project they have (whether it be an artwork, a video game, a music album or anything else) and people who like that idea can donate funds. Quite often, bonuses will be offered for anyone who ...

FIFA 12 for Wii Scores a Goal: A Sports Video Game Review
Yahoo! Sports
Contributor Network – 19 hours ago EA Sports has yet another very good sports video game: FIFA Soccer 12. As a former high school soccer player and current sports video game fan, I decided to try my hand at this latest version of the popular series' ...

These Wonderful Drawings Of New Video Game Ideas Barely Make Sense
Some video games operate around incredibly innovative ideas and it's natural that the people behind them would want to patent them. And while those awesome ideas gets explained in page after page of text, sometimes it's just better to draw how a ...

These Wonderful Drawings Of New Video Game Ideas Barely Make ...
By Evan Narcisse
Some video games operate around incredibly innovative ideas and it's natural that the people behind them would want to patent them. And while those awesome ideas gets explained in page after page of text, sometimes it's just better to draw ...

Video Games Of Old: Which Sports Game Had The Best Intro ...
By Jon Bois
Introducing the first installment of 'Video Games Of Old,' in which we celebrate some of our favorite things from old-school sports games, and vote on our favorites. First question: ... All it really had going for it was MOVIES IN A VIDEO GAME. - All Posts

Video Game Rock Medley Hits The Classics And More [Video ...
By Eric Limer
Freddie25, YouTube musician extraordinaire, just released a huge video game rock medley for the ages. At 10 minutes long, he covers all the standards and more with electric guitar, keyboard, bass, and more, with some help on drums.

The Lost Ones: What Happens When Video Games Die? | Kotaku ...
By Mark Serrels
Every year video games are cancelled; every year studios close down. But what about the video games that get lost in the fire? What do ... The video game project he's spent the last two and a half years working on, has been cancelled.
Kotaku Australia

On PlayStation Network - Video Games Blogger
By Ferry
Video Games Blogger Logo · The House of the Dead 4 Logo On PlayStation Network: The House of the Dead 4, StarDrone Extreme · Halo 4 Xbox 360 Screenshot Halo 4 Release Date Announced · Dragon Ball Z for Kinect logo Dragon Ball Z ...
Video Game Walkthroughs, Video...

University of Iowa Adds Video-Game Related Journalism Course ...
By james_fudge
Students who enroll in a new video game-based narrative writing course at the University of Iowa beginning in the fall will get a chance to explore worlds, characters and plotlines popularized byvideo games. They'll also get credits.
GamePolitics blogs

YFSF: Them Again: Twins-Yanks Gamer I
By attackgerbil
Why don't I like the Twins? Consistently successful, smart manager, lots of players that are easy to root for, folksy vibe, replaced their stupid dome with a world-class ballpark.. I don't know. Just can't stand 'em. Francisco Liriano and C.C. ...

Your Favorite Classic Video Game Songs In One Rock Medley
By Patrick Bateman
Your Favorite Classic Video Game Songs In One Rock Medley. by: Patrick Bateman 27 seconds ago ... All in all, 34 tracks from some of the most famous video games in one fluid rock medley. We're tired just listening to it. Now if only we could ...

Video Games Of Old: Which Sports Game Had The Best Intro ...
By Chris Thorman
"Since when did Oklahoma Joes become the best of Kansas City BBQ? Please fall all the way back with that nonsense" - Joc Max. "Who says that OK Joe's is the best? I've got $20 says they're white. I've got another $10 says they've got JO ...
Arrowhead Pride

Wouldn't It Be Stupid If Video Games Were Real? -
By G4TVLeah
Do you think it would be stupid if video games were real? If video games were real, we could hang out with girls who have huge boobs and kick alien ass, ride on Chocobos, save our progress via...
G4 TV - TheFeed

Web Slot Video games | Faith Questions
By Liffog4796
In today's world to methods uncomplicated to engage virtual slot video game titles. Providing have a very handle to bring, roughly stage the mouse so as to wherever you yearn but it will surely cause appetite suppression the type of handle.
Faith Questions

The Video Game Rock Medley | MilkandCookies
The Video Game Rock Medley. 34 tracks from some of the most famous video games in one fluid rock medley! I'm honestly very happy with how this one turned out, and I hope that you will like it too! It doesn't have vocals and very little acoustic ...
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Ron Paul Video Game Could Be Coming Soon [VIDEO]
By Riggs
As always I'll start off by saying I have no political agenda, but as a gamer I do have a I must play every game agenda, the weirder the better so this caught.
94.5 KATS

Goodbye Video Games, Hello Fans! « D.C. DOUGLAS BLOG: Voice ...
33 Responses to “Goodbye Video Games, Hello Fans!” Feed for this Entry... Guess I'm getting ...

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