The Hunger Games: Great book. Good movie. Dangerous video game?

The Hunger Games: Great book. Good movie. Dangerous video game?
Christian Science Monitor
Lionsgate is looking to make "The Hunger Games" into a video game. But considering the plot of Suzanne Collins' books, designers must balance the series' graphic fight scenes with its PG-13 audience. By Megan Riesz / April 4, 2012 Jennifer Lawrence as ...

Christian Science Monitor

Smithsonian celebrates 'Art of Video Games'
By Larry Frum, Special to CNN Guest curator Chris Melissinos was the driving force behind the vision of "The Art of Video Games" exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington. "This is not designed to be an exhaustive compendium of the ...

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, From Electronic Arts
New York Times
Joy doesn't have much use for video games — and so she doesn't come to my place very often — but the other night she deigned to visit to play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, the new golf game from Electronic Arts. As I told her, the big innovation in this ...

New York Times

Video Game Guide a Sturdy Handbook for the Pragmatic Parent
By Chris Maxcer Not all parents are perplexed by video games -- in fact, some like them just as much as their kids. The best thing about The Modern Parent's Guide to Kids and Video Gamesisn't the actual advice for managing children and gaming.

Jeremy Lin Playing Video Games During Recovery From Surgery
While he might have made his reputation with games of the non-video variety, apparently Lin is also quite the gamer. He talked at length with fans over a Facebook chat, where he discussed his history with games. As he recovers, he's playing the ...

The Shadowrun Video Game You've Always Wanted
For more than two decades pen-and-paper role-players have been losing themselves in the dirty streets and glimmering megacorps of Shadowrun, yet only four largely forgettable video gameshave explored the setting's unique mix of cyberpunk and urban ...

Ghost Recon Commander will be a “gamer's game” on Facebook
The game promises to finally deliver a “gamer's game on Facebook.” That phrase is playing upon the fatigue that many people feel about cartoon-style simulation games that don't require much skill or attention. Like Kabam and Kixeye, ...


Violent video games fuelling rise in aggressive behaviour, teachers say
LONDON - British children as young as four are re-enacting scenes from ultra-violent video games at school after being given free access to consoles in the home, according to teachers' leaders. Infants are being allowed to stay up until the early hours ...

'The Art of Video Games' at the Smithsonian American Art Museum
PBS NewsHour (blog)
"The Art of Video Games" at the Smithsonian American Art Museum is one of the first exhibitions to explore the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium. Featuring 80 games and 20 video games systems, starting with the Atari VCS in 1976 ...

Video Games: 10 Best Since 2002
Bleacher Report
Once the gamer was able to harness all of the real-life moves, fights were as exciting as the real life versions. After a successful run with the original Fight Night, EA Sports released Fight Night Round 2 with a new feature that would change boxing ...

Bleacher Report

Video games go classical with Video Games Live
Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News Online
The event also will feature an appearance by The Gamer Symphony Orchestra from the University of Maryland. Tallarico recently spoke with The Gazette about how he selects songs, his musical family and video game music naysayers.

Video game treatment for lazy eye
BBC News
Eye specialists at Glasgow Caledonian University have developed a video game to treat a common sight problem in children. Children who suffer from a lazy eye, or Amblyopia, can play the game instead of wearing an eye patch. Tests suggested playing the ...

BBC News

New consoles change video game landscape
Arizona Daily Wildcat
The biggest one, which could drastically change the video game industry, is the Orbis' potential to be incompatible with used games. Yes, while Kotaku's source wasn't clear on how used games would be restricted, it did seem to be clear about that fact.

Ex-NFL players cleared to sue video game maker
San Francisco Chronicle
A group of former National Football League players can proceed with a suit against the makers of the best-selling video game "Madden NFL", whose unnamed, on-screen combatants are allegedly modeled closely on retired pro footballers, a federal judge has ...

Grand Theft Auto video game in Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition
The series' inclusion is not the first time video games have appeared in a major museum. The National Media Museum in Bradford keep an archive of major video game releases, and America's Smithsonian Museum in Washington is currently running 'The Art of ...

Do video games help in losing weight?
Arab News
COM Why do we play video games? Simply because it is fun! However, are those games considered healthy? Video games and sports usually are not used together in the same sentence in a positive way . However, it was proven that video games are beneficial ...

Do Violent Video Games Really Cause Aggression?
By Mike Tuttle · 3 mins ago · Leave a Comment There is a long-lasting and at times intense debate about the possible link between violent video games and aggressiveness. A group of researchers from the University of Gothenburg are now questioning the ...

Activision and Frito-Lay Team Up on Red-Hot Skylanders Spyro's Adventure(TM ...
MarketWatch (press release)
... Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, today announced a groundbreaking, multi-phase promotion that unites Frito-Lay with one of the hottest new gaming properties in the world and one of the best-selling new video games in 2011, ...

DHS Looks to Spy on Video Game Consoles in Search of Pedophiles, Terrorists
Obscure Technologies will be expected to create new hardware and software capable of extracting data from video game consoles. DHS wants to be able to extract data from both new and used games systems bought on the secondary market as well.


Are Children Becoming Addicted To Video Game Fantasy Worlds?
By Guardian on April 4, 2012 A growing number of young children are acting out violent scenes from adult computer games in the playground, teachers have warned. Pupils as young as four and five are simulating car crashes and graphic injuries as a ...

PSFK Helps Video Game Fans Find the Best Video Games and Video Game ... (press release)
Dinky Dana is a video game enthusiast who built a video game website for video gamers – by video gamers. Bethel park, PA, April 04, 2012 --( Video games are everywhere. Every industrialized nation on the planet seems to have millions of video ...

Top 5 All-Time Video Game Football Players
Yahoo! Sports
Bo knows video games. The running back, an MLB All-Star and Auburn football legend was just moonlighting for the NFL's Raiders, but he remains the most unstoppable video game football player in the history of gaming. Anyone who's played TECMO Bowl ...

Yahoo! Sports

Men In Black 3: Alien Crisis Video Game Gets May 25th Release Date
Cosmic Book News - Video Games
London, UK – 4 th April, 2012 – In anticipation of the release of the film Men in Black™ 3, in 3D in cinemas 25 th May 2012, Activision today announced that the videogame Men In Black: Alien Crisis™ will hit shelves on 25 th May for the PlayStation®3 ...

Video game allows players to battle US presidential nominees in 2012 election
Pocono Record
By NewsCore PLYMOUTH, Mich. -- Software development firm Stardock Corp. announced Wednesday that it is developing another entry into its "Political Machine" franchise to mark the 2012 US presidential election. In "The Political Machine," gamers can ...

British Teachers Blame Video Games For Rise in 'Hitting, Hurting and Thumping'
This week's dose of anti-video game vitriol comes straight outta Great Britain, where a group called the Association of Teachers and Lecturers says electronic entertainment is making kids violent. Alison Sherratt, former president of the Association of ...

Gamer's Piece: The used video game battle
UConn Daily Campus
By Jason Bogdan There are rarely any massive understatements than to say that the used game empire that GameStop wrought has been an inconvenience for the actual companies that make and publish the games. Even though getting a used game can be a great ...

Lost Metallica Video Game Trailer and Concept Art Surfaces Online
Before Metallica had their own edition of 'Guitar Hero,' the Four Horsemen were planning on lending their name, likenesses and music to a post-apocalyptic video game. What post-apocalyptic video game, you ask? Well, turns out it never came out, ...


Robo-Cam iOS Accessory Could Be a Photo and Video Game-Changer
Wired News
By Jakob Schiller The new Galileo iOS accessory allows users to remotely move an iPhone or iPod touch via the touchscreen of another iOS device, such as an iPad. When used with a device's camera, Galileo opens all kinds of doors for time-lapse ...

Video Game Guide a Sturdy Handbook for the Pragmatic Parent
By Chris Maxcer
The best thing about The Modern Parent's Guide to Kids and Video Games isn't the actual advice for managing children and gaming. It's the way it sparks more rational, pragmatic thought on the subject than I've ever seen put into a single ...

How Girls Play Video Games
How Girls Play Video Games. Not mine, found it on facebook, true though :L.
Funny Junk Latest Pictures

CBLDF » EFF Protests Video Game Labeling Law
By bgomez
EMA, striking down a California law that restricted the sale of video games to minors based on specious evidence that violence in video games causes violence in children. The law would have made violent speech a new category of ...

The New York Times Embeds Video Game in Article on Gaming ...
By Chris O'Shea
The New York Times Embeds Video Game in Article on Gaming.

Tech Talk Gaming: Disney Debuts New Video Game Technology At ...
By DruonIFWT
This massive floor puts arcade games like “Dance Dance Revolution” to shame and allows up to 32 kids (16 adults) to gather around the edges and interact with the video games that unfold on the screens by using their feet or hands.
In Flex We Trust

Leaked Concept Art For The METALLICA Video Game That Never ...
By RobInjection
Back in 2003, right before their epic fail St. Anger came out, their label arranged a licensing deal for a video game that would a "post-apocalyptic racing game," basically be a Twisted Metal ripoff. The game was never released, but they were so ...
Metal Injection

Activision Announce Men In Black The Video Game - Push-Start
By Daniel Pepper
Activision have just announced that they will be releasing a game to tie-in with the upcoming Men in Black 3, Film which will be releasing in 3D in cinemas 25th May 2012, Thte title called Men In Black: Alien Crisis and will hit shelves on 25th ...

Why yes, there was almost a Metallica video game once | Decibel ...
By shane.mehling
There are scant details, but a bunch of concept art (including Lars driving around a postapocalyptic golf cart) seems to have just surfaced and… well some of it is kind of cool. Or at least it looks like it would have been cool for a video game.
Decibel Magazine

Journey Papercraft (2012 Video Game) ~ - Free ...
By (Ron)
Journey Papercraft (2012 Video Game). Journey Papercraft. This is the robed desert figure / character featured in Journey - an adventure video game developed by Thatgamecompany exclusively for the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network. - Free Papercraft,...

IGN Ranks The Master Sword As The Top Video Game Weapon ...
By Erica Fernandez
IGN Ranks Master Sword #1 IGN has been doing a countdown from 100 to name the top video game weapons. They have finally unveiled the #1 Video Game Weapon, and it is the Master Sword. I am tickled to see them give the Master Sword ...
Zelda Informer - Wii U and 3DS News ...

The Kickstarter Video Game Report – Week of April 6 » Zeboyd Games
By Robert
Welcome to the third installment of my weekly Kickstarter Video Game Report! These normally come out at the end of the week, on or around Friday, but I'm leaving to go to Boston to show off our upcoming new game at PAX East so I'm writing ...
Zeboyd Games

Moms and video games. : gaming
Moms and video games. ( submitted 3 hours .... Love this, my mother to this day refers to all video game consoles as Sega. permalink. [+]Evets616 0 ...

Personal Video Games - On The Media
Anyone who's played videogames like Call of Duty or Red Dead Redemption knows what kind of narratives they tell. Their protagonists are snipers or outlaws ...

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