Most anticipated video games of 2012

Most anticipated video games of 2012
First-person shooter Halo 4 and action title Assassin's Creed III are among video game players' most anticipated console titles, says a survey from Nielsen. The company breaks down games into three groups: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Video game review: Binary Domain
New York Daily News
By Ebenezer Samuel / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Binary Domain closely monitors shot placement; hit an android in the leg, and he'll hobble about. If you put a Japanese spin on Gears of War, you'd find a way to make the relationships more interactive, ...

New York Daily News

Star Trek video game has unique storyline, lots of explosions
Namco Bandai's upcoming third-person action-adventure Star Trek video game - based off of JJ Abrams' reboot of the sci-fi classic - will have a unique storyline separate from the Star Trek 2 film. At today's Global Gamers Day event being held in Las ...


Celebrate terrible Blue Jackets season through 8-bit video game tribute (VIDEO)
Yahoo! Sports (blog)
Is there anything more soothing than old-school video game music and pixellated headshots? I say no. This rules. A million points to anyone who can tell me which game this music is from. After watching this video, it's clear that Scott Howson's biggest ...

Madden 2013: Power Ranking Players Left in NFL Video Game Cover Contest
Bleacher Report
Madden 2013 will undoubtedly be one of the best video games of the year, and the contest to decide who graces the front cover is just starting to heat up. ESPN SportsNation has the voting process, which is done by the fans this year.

Bleacher Report

Gamer's Piece: How I learned to enjoy PAX
UConn Daily Campus
By Jason Bogdan Video game conventions have never had a presence on the East coast until the yearly Penny Arcade Expo added an East-coast-based event for Boston a few years back. This year in particular was a rousing success, with numerous quality ...

LGBT content in video games: here come the old bullies | Denis Farr
The Guardian
These are the words of Jeff Brown, the VP of corporate communications of video games company EA, given to Gamesindustry International when asked about the letter campaign that has targeted the LGBT content in EA's games – a campaign largely spearheaded ...

The Guardian

Keiji Inafune to release big-budget games 'with regular frequency'
Speaking to Nintendo Gamer however, he assured he intends to release "several" home console games in the future. "I think it's important to be on every platform," he said. "I also intend to release big-budget games with regular frequency.

Howard Chaykin working on video game, new comics
Comic Book Resources
Linsay, the singly-named writer for Comics Anonymous, caught up with Howard Chaykin at the London Super Comic Con and had a nice chat about the many projects he is working on right now. We all know Chaykin is doing variant covers for Garth Ennis's The ...

Comic Book Resources

Popular London retro games shop closes
Andy has written about video games for ten years for publications such as PC Zone, T3, The Sunday Mirror and of course, CVG. Read more A lot of my import snes games came from there as well as well as my old Virtual Boy if memory serves me right London ...

Smithsonian Museum of Art Celebrates Video Games
“The Art of Video Games” is one of the first major exhibitions to explore the 40-year evolution ofvideo games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking graphics, creative storytelling and player interactivity. The exhibition features some of the ...

Video Game: Yep, Mariners Still Stink
Sports and Weather Right Now
This video game (available on PC and Mac) lets you take control of your favorite baseball franchise, and try to win the World Series. This isn't the kind of game you bust out on your big screen TV. There are no fancy graphics or motion capture ...

Bracing For Weak Video Game Data Again (GME, ATVI, EA, TTWO, ZNGA)
24/7 Wall St.
GameStop Corporation (NYSE: GME) may be down today because of a Needham & Co. research downgrade where the video game retailer was cut to “Hold.” There is another interesting call to analyze today and that is a call from Stern Agee warning about very ...

BioGamer Girl: "I AM ALIVE" (Video Game Review)
I AM ALIVE first began development in 2008 and was originally planned as a feature length game. Fast forward close to four years and two development teams later, and the game was finally released by Ubisoft and Ubisoft Shanghai as an Xbox LIVE Arcade ...

If video game worlds were actual planets
By Keith Shaw Add a new comment April 11, 2012, 10:34 AM — If you play a lot of video games, you'll have fun trying to identify the 20 different video games in this animated video, created by Tim Hijlkema. Some are more obvious than others, ...

Halo 4, Assassin's Creed, and Max Payne 3 Top Nielsen's Gamer Anticipation List
By Sean Patterson · 5 mins ago · Leave a Comment Nielsen yesterday released a list of what it says are the most anticipated console video game titles for the remainder of 2012. According to a Nielsen blog post, the list was “derived from combining ...

Forget 3D, I'm Ready To Play This 4D Video Game
Miegakure is a video game set in four spatial dimensions: specifically, the dimension that goes out to the sides, like your keyboard; the one that goes up, like a tree; the one that goes out deep, like a dog fetching a stick... and that other dimension ...

Kiwi video game Path of Exile crowd-funds $US200,000 over Easter
National Business Review
The makers of role-playing video game Path of Exile, New Zealand-based Grinding Gear Games, have launched a "crowd-funding" campaign where players can pre-purchase game currency and receive rewards such as Closed Beta Keys and exclusive in-game pets in ...

April 11, 2012 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that World Gone Sour™ is now available for download on PlayStation®Network and Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment ...

Video game designers compete at PlayExpo
Click here Print Aa Video game designers compete at PlayExpo Originally published: April 9, 2012 6:49 PM Updated: April 10, 2012 4:08 PM By JIM MERRITT. Special to Newsday Angry birds, your pig-destroying days may be over.


Most parents don't check age rating on video games
The majority of parents do not check the age rating of the video games their children are playing a new survey has revealed. The survey was conducted in the light of reports suggesting video games are fuelling a rise in aggressive behaviour in children ...


Madagascar 3: The Video Game Trailer
Gamers Hell
D3Publisher (D3P) has released a trailer for Madagascar 3: The Video Game, which will be launched across Europe in October 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS and 3DS, to coincide with theatrical release of the film on October 19th in the United Kingdom.

Star Trek Combat Detailed At Namco Bandai Gamer's Day
G4 TV (blog)
At Namco Bandai Gamer's Day, Brian Miller, Game Producer and Senior Vice President from Paramount Pictures Games revealed a few more details about the upcoming Star Trek game. Marianne Krawczyk, the writer of God Of War, will be penning Star Trek as ...

Gaikai Launches First Ever Cloud Gaming Facebook App, Streaming Console ...
MarketWatch (press release)
A VC Backed Start-Up Bridges Social Gaming & Console-Quality Gaming, The Two LargestVideo Game Markets - Increasing The Reach of High-End Video Games Over 50x By Making Them Instantly Playable Inside Facebook. LOS ANGELES, Apr 11, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) ...

Introducing "Halo 4"'s Composer: Massive Attack's Neil Davidge On Continuing A ... (blog)
And my management didn't actually know I was a Halo fan, so you can probably imagine—they were telling me about a possible score for a video game for a while, and I said, "Yeah, that could be cool, cool be fun. Let me know if it comes off.

"Resident Evil 6" Premium Edition Puts all Other Collection Editions to Shame (blog)
To be fair, for $1300, you aren't getting standard gamer-swag. In addition to the game, the package comes with four character-specific phone cases designed for Leon, Chris, new protagonist Luke and... another "secret" character. More to the point, ...

'Operation Raccoon City' DLC adds more insult to injury
Last month Slant Six Games and Capcom insulted gamers with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, a failed attempt to retell one of the most iconic video games from a different perspective. Now they have added insult to injury with the Spec-Ops DLC.

UK top 20 video games chart, week ending 7 April 2012 ...
UK top 20 video games chart, week ending 7 April 2012. This article was published at 13.06 BST on Wednesday 11 April 2012 . Kinect Star Wars: Darth Vader rules again ...
Technology: Games blog |

Can You Name All 20 Video Games in This Animation?
By Christine Erickson
This animated video has 20 planets themed to represent classic video games. See if you can ...There are 20 popular video game-themed planets represented in this fun animated video. Can you ... Winners get ultimate gamer bragging rights.
Mashable » Video

Seminal bullet-time shooter Max Payne will blast ... - Pocket Gamer
Just the man we've been killing to see. Click to read the full 'Seminal bullet-time shooter Max Payne will blast onto iPhone and iPad tomorrow' news article. For more Max Payne news and Multiformat news, visit
Pocket Gamer |

Samsung 700G7A GAMER review - Pocket-lint
By Chris Holmes
Samsung's latest gaming laptop is a monster of a 17-inch machine, with a huge bright screen and a powerful combination of Core i7 and ATI Radeon graphics.

Finish the Fight… - Video Games - Memes, Captions, and Funny ...
By Cheezburger Network
Video Games - memes, game lols, captions,. I Can Has Cheezburger? FAIL Blog ... Create or find a funny Video Game Meme? Make sure to submit it here! Feel free to send ... Finish the Fight… x. Share. video game memes - Finish the Fight.
Video Games - Memes, Captions,...

DHS Hires Hackers To Crack Video Game Consoles : Kevin ...
The country's top counterterrorism unit has awarded a California company $177235 to hackvideo game consoles under the guise of cracking down on criminal activity. San Francisco-based Obscure Technologies is the recent recipient of a government contract for $177235.50. For a small computer forensics firm with less than half-a-dozen employees, it's a significant sum being ... Tags: computers, DHS, hackers, nintendo, Playstation, privacy, surveillance, video games, XBOX ...
Kevin Trudeau Show

YFSF: Oops.. Already At It: Sox-Jays Gamer III
By attackgerbil
Jon Lester is pitching with the Sox down 2-1 against Ricky Romero and the Jays. Comment away.

JESS3 - Blog / Fun Browser Script: New York Times Video Game ...
This sort of thing is just a fun way to play with the net.
JESS3 Blog

Another video game project just hit Kickstarter | MacMegasite
By admin
Indie iOS developer 8land games studio is pleased to have launched a video project on Kickstarter today. The developer offers a chance for backers to be th...

MISSION: PAX Easter Mission (A Gamer's Paradise) | Secret Agent L
By Secret Agent L
... let me tell you: they do not mess around. And when I got a tweet last week from one of my top Affiliated Agents {who happens to be a serious gamer}, indicating that “pounds of something” had been delivered to him in order to complete a special mission on Easter, I thought to myself, Oh, now this is gonna be a good mission. ... Video games, role playing games, board games, table-top games, you name it, you can probably play it at PAX. The convention has gotten so big that there ...
Secret Agent L

If every video game boss was a Pokemon | GoNintendo - What are ...
By RawmeatCowboy
Goriginal Content. EoD - Penn <3s us. EoD - Nintendo fan. GN Podcast #347. EoD - Wii U secrets. EoD - Wii U power. Your New Best Friend. User avatar. jasonmaivia. Plumber Joined: May 2009. Add as Forum Friend. Recent discussions ...
GoNintendo - Console News

Video Game Giveaway of Assassin's Creed Revelations – Gold ...
By Siddharth
As part of our ramp up this year, we are launching a schedule of fortnightly games giveaways and have a stunning array of award-winning games up for grabs! Be sure to follow Windows.AppStorm, and get stuck in, for a chance to enter future ...

Oh No They Didn't! - Video Games (Demo) and pics of the Queen Of ...
By victor
Lana Del Rey hops out of her car and signs a few autographs as she enters the Jazz Cafe on Tuesday (April 10) in London, England. happy birthday 2 me source 1 2 3.
Oh No They Didn't!

Know how to hack a video game console? The U.S. Navy ... - Digg
The government wants to pay $177000 for the ability to monitor game systems.

Mint Skirt, Peter Pan Collar //“Video Games” by Amy S // LOOKBOOK ...
Mint Skirt, Peter Pan Collar styled by Amy S in “Video Games”—see looks like this and more on
As the gaming market rapidly evolves towards a fully digital business model, more of the players in the boxed market are throwing their weight behind social and ...

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