Six Lazy Video Game RPG Tropes That Need To Die

Six Lazy Video Game RPG Tropes That Need To Die A Swift Death
But I'm not just bothered by implausibility baked into pen and paper games; I also find much left to be desired about video game RPGs, which seem to follow in the footsteps of the worst, most kitschy and predictable sort of fantasy fiction.


Video game review: Fez
New York Daily News
LOVED IT: Old-school visuals are cute, easy-to-learn gameplay, great sense of humor, intelligent puzzling HATED IT: Map isn't always friendly, occasional bugs GRAB IT IF: You loved Zelda, Mega Man and Paper Mario long ago, or last year's Catherine In a ...

New York Daily News

Consumer Monthly Video Game Rental Spend Captures $23 Versus $20 for Premium ...
MarketWatch (press release)
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Apr 26, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- While only half of the respondents to ABI Research's Technology Barometer(TM) survey claimed to rent video games, which are usually game console centric, as compared to DVD/Blu-ray movies, ...

Video-game review: 'Trials Evolution'
Bellingham Herald
By BILLY O'KEEFE - McClatchy-Tribune Purely in terms of how certain returning features relate to their counterparts in 2009's "Trials HD," the modestly-titled "Trials Evolution" is very aptly named. As a description for the total package, though, ...

London 2012 Olympics video game: 6 gold medals we've already won
First in line at the London 2012 Olympics licensing party is Sega and its official video game tie-in, which to be fair is looking more polished - and more enjoyable - than any of the publisher's previous 5-ring outings. Despite not being based in ...

Walden Woods video game will recreate the world of Thoreau
The Guardian
Its lack of thrills, spills and multiple deaths means it is unlikely to appeal to fans of Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, but a video game based on the years Henry David Thoreau spent living alone in a Massachusetts cabin is in development, ...

The Guardian

'The Art of Video Games:' still in beta
The Verge
Some might argue that there still isn'ta serious conversation about video game art happening, as The Art of Video Games doesn't talk back much to the viewer or take risks with its point of view. There is no overriding thesis here except for perhaps the ...

Video game conference is strictly business
Raleigh, NC — Video game professionals got the opportunity to network and collaborate at the East Coast Game Conference, held Wednesday and Thursday at the Raleigh Convention Center. The conference is the largest of its kind on the East Coast.

Detroit is video game central in 2012
WR Calvin Johnson's selection as the “Madden '13” cover athlete makes him the third Detroit sports figure to appear on the cover of a video game in 2012. Detroit Tigers' pitcher Justin Verlander, who is the reigning American League MVP and Cy Young ...

Calvin Johnson to appear on cover of Madden 13 video game
Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson will grace the cover of Electronic Arts Sports' Madden NFL 13 video game. Johnson was revealed as the winner by ESPN's "SportsNation" on Wednesday, beating out Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Walden/Henry David Thoreau Video Game to be Financed by NEA Grant
Reason Online (blog)
I have some questions, such as wouldn't a Lysander Spooner video game also be a great idea? (I want to play No Treason, don't you?) And, do the game developers realize this is hilarious, even if it turns out to be somehow cool? (The quotes above rather ...

Reason Online (blog)

Watch All Three 'Uncharted' Video Games Edited Into Movies
/FILM (blog)
Nathan Drake, the star of the Uncharted games, is the video game Indiana Jones. He's charming, he's a bad-ass and he travels the world getting into ancient-themed adventures. In video game form, the Uncharted world was built to be cinematic and that's ...

Jay-Z launching video game
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Rapper Jay-Z is following his peer 50 Cent into social networking – he's set to launch a game based on his life via 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, has teamed up with bosses at Game Show Network Digital to create an interactive game of...

Houston Chronicle (blog)

Spidey Foes to Rattle 'Amazing Spider-Man' Game
by Derrik J. Lang AP SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Spider-Man must contend with more than just a lizard in his latest video game adventure. The web-slinging superhero will also face off against Rhino, Iguana and Felicia Hardy in "The Amazing Spider-Man," the ...

VIDEO GAMES: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Re-Released for iOS Devices.
Comic Book Movie
Fan of the old arcade game that was also released on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network? Now you can have it on the go with your iPod Touch or iPad. The classic arcade hit Marvel vs Capcom 2 is now re-released for iOS devices.

Comic Book Movie

UBC course puts video games at the forefront
She explained to the Georgia Straight that video-game development hadn't been taught in her department before primarily because its focus to provide a “strong computer-science education—and I think we do that very well”. In a phone interview, ...

Ron Paul Video Game Character Modified Version Of 'Mario Brother' Villain
CBS Local
It appears that the “Ron Paul: The Road to REVOLution” video game is actually copied and pasted from a template, and the character models came from various sources from Super Nintendo games of the 1990s. In the game, Paul appears to be a modified ...

CBS Local

This week's video games
Arizona Daily Star
Nearly three years in the making, the follow-up to the motorcycle trick-and-racer expands upon its already impressive predecessor to reach ridiculous new heights. Each of the game's myriad modes - with standouts including career, multiplayer and course ...

Star Wars: The Old Republic launches in 38 countries across Europe and Middle East
PC Gamer Magazine
An announcement on the TOR site mentions that Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone live across 38 countries spread throughout Europe and the Middle East. Citizens of Albania, Croatia, Turkey, the Ukraine, Afghanistan, Egypt, Kuwait and many more will ...

PC Gamer Magazine

Madden 13 Video: Watch Exciting Gameplay Trailer for Hit Football Video Game
Bleacher Report
If you love football and you love video games, generally speaking, you want Madden to be great every year. Having said that, the trailer for Madden 13 has to whet the appetite of even the series' biggest critics. It's true, it's just a sizzle trailer.

NEA awards grants to four video game projects as part of Arts in Media category
The Verge
Out of those 78 grants, four are directly for the development of video games. Let's Breakthrough, Inc. in New York City received $75000 to "support the development of an interactive video game for social change." This online and mobile game project ...

'Yertle the Turtle' Enters Canada's Culture War; A Walden Video Game
The Atlantic Wire
Video games! Your Money! -- consider that Thoreau went to Walden because he wanted to "learn to live deliberately," a lifestyle millions of college freshman embrace every year with the help of Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson and dorm-wide Mario Kart tournaments.

Jay-Z Adds Video Game Designer To His "Empire" Of Accomplishments (DETAILS)
Global Grind
Jay-Z can now add video game designer to his long list of accomplishments! The Brooklyn emcee has announced that he will be releasing a game called "Empire" via Facebook. Empire is still in the testing stages, but once it is launched, Facebook users ...

Global Grind

Madden 2013 Cover: Cam Newton Fortunate to Dodge Video Game Curse
Bleacher Report
He pushed hard for the honor, coming up with a litany of nicknames and touting his credentials as a life-long gamer in this campaign video: But even that couldn't get Cam on the cover of his favorite video game ahead of "Megatron," who just so happens ...

Bleacher Report

'Walden Woods' video game based on philosopher Thoreau's life ...
By Alison Flood, The Guardian
Its lack of thrills, spills and multiple deaths means it is unlikely to appeal to fans of Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, but a video game based on the years Henry David Thoreau spent living alone in a Massachusetts cabin is in development, ...
The Raw Story

Obama: Video Games Better Than Farm Chores — The Healthy ...
By Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist
I guess they can always play video games or watch TV instead. Surely there's a video game out there where children can simulate farm chores without ever leaving the living room couch! A generation of farm kids raised on sloth instead of a ...
The Healthy Home Economist

The Video Game Deathmatch: Greatest Story Ever Told Winner Is ...
By G4TVLeah
Mass Effect and God of War fought it out in a battle of epic proportions in our Video GameDeathmatch: Best Story Ever Told edition. After a week-long voting period, the winner has finally been...
G4 TV - TheFeed

Q&A: Getting Music Placed in Video Games - MTT - Music Think Tank
By James Aviaz
After getting our first listen to the upcoming Halo 4 soundtrack – as written by former Massive Attack producer Neil Davidge – it seemed the perfect time to give some insight into video game music and placements. We spoke with Josh Kessler, ...
Music Think Tank (primary) RSS

By Matt Clark
'Walking Dead' Video Game: A Brilliantly Executed Adaptation. Posted 1 min ago by Matt Clark in Image Comics, Panels & Pixels, Review, video games. When I was a kid, I had a recurring nightmare. I would awake, startled by some ...
Splash Page

Video Game Contest for Healthivores | Well and Wise
By hclibrary
Students can use their creativity to develop an online video game that teaches a healthy lesson for the chance to win AMD-powered computers for their team, their teacher, and their school.
Well and Wise

Henry David Thoreau's Walden: The Video Game | biblioklept
By Biblioklept
One Comment to “Henry David Thoreau's Walden: The Video Game”. dailypop · April 26, 2012 at 12:54 pm. Much better than the Story of the Eye first person shooter video game… which was somewhat scarring. Reply ...

Help Prove That Video Games Aren't Dumb | Kotaku Australia
By Jason Schreier
In an article published by The Atlantic earlier this month, writer Taylor Clark posited that “video games, with very few exceptions, are dumb.” Nevermind the ridiculousness of such a hyperbolic, inflammatory statement, responds Brainy Gamer's ...
Kotaku Australia

Orton vs. Lesnar SummerSlam News, WWE Video Games ...
By Jason Kilmeade features an article looking at Electronic Arts being on the lookout for acquisitions of other video game studios. They speculate that THQ could be acquired, meaning EA would take over the rights to WWE's video games.

Know All That! – 'The Art of Video Games:' still in beta
By T.C. Sottek
AOVG controller. Hordes of young school children march up the steps to the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC on a cloudless Friday morning. As they run around yelling and chasing one another, the security guard on duty ...
Know All That!

The Worst Video Game Glitches from
We've already talked about how video game glitches can be fun distractions, game-changers ...

Ron Paul Video Game In Development | The Onion - America's ...
Ron Paul supporter Daniel Williams has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a video gamecalled Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution.,2...

20 Cute Video Game Characters You Don't Want To Mess With ...
As a matter of fact, quite a few video game characters that you want to pick up and hug ... 10 Time Periods We'd Like To See Explored More In Video Games ...

AOL On Video Games
Video Games · Pets. Trending Topics. Brangelina's Engagement · Prince Will & Kate's 1 Year · Step into Spring. Login to comment. PLAYLISTBYAOL On ...

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