Minecraft Beats Skyrim To Win 2011 Game Of The Year NAVGTR Award

Minecraft Beats Skyrim To Win 2011 Game Of The Year NAVGTR Award
But the National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers Corp. (NAVGTR) has just announced winners in 53 categories for its 11th annual awards honoring the best of video game art, technology, and production. The Oscars and Emmys wait until a few ...


Video-game review: 'Ridge Racer: Unbounded' lets you wreak exceptional havoc ...
Kansas City Star
By BILLY O'KEEFE Between the awkward subtitle and the fact that it neither looks nor plays like a "Ridge Racer" game, "Ridge Racer: Unbounded" arrives with a supremely unfortunate name as its introduction. Happily, just about everything else is ...

Troubled Sony relies on video games to reverse its fortunes
by Mike Rose [Console/PC, Business] Sony has outlined a series of strategic initiatives including a focus on games, with which it hopes to revitalize its business after a particularly poor fiscal year. Dubbing the new approach "One Sony," the company ...


Video Game Review: USE THE FORCE - OF MOTION
San Luis Obispo Tribune
By Justin Hoeger It's not an epic adventure in itself, but “Kinect Star Wars” delivers an amusing set of activities for “Star Wars” fans. The game requires a Kinect Sensor ($149.99), which plugs into the Xbox 360 and tracks the movements of your body ...

Two Video Games. Two Age Ratings. What's the Bloody Difference?
Batman: Arkham City is a wonderful and violent video game. It's rated T by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, the group that applies ratings to all major games released in the United States. T games are for gamers who are 13 or older.

Video games for research, wearable computers intrigue TEDMED participants
Michigan Business Review - MLive.com
She was especially impressed by Seth Cooper's talk about Foldit, a video gameused for scientific discovery. Cooper, who views the video game community as “a huge worldwide research lab,” created a game to solve a complex puzzle about a protein shape ...

Michigan Business Review - MLive.com

Gaikai brings console-quality video games to Facebook
Most video game publishers are now seeking to grow their digital customer base and unlike movie and music services like Netflix and Spotify, Gaikai gives the game publishers relationships with the customers." The new Facebook app, Perry says,...


50 Greatest Baseball Video Games of All-Time
Bleacher Report
Over the years, video games have evolved from simple pixels to hyper realistic displays. Baseball games have done much the same, going from a white pixel that was probably a ball to the games on the XBox 360 and Playstation 3.

Bleacher Report

Baseball video games offer diverse experiences
AZ Central.com
Here are three baseball video games that were released with the new pro season. This has been one of my favorite video game franchises over the past several years. So it goes without saying that's it's my favorite sports game.

AZ Central.com

Video Games Are More Than Just a Feast for the Eyes
Smithsonian (blog)
But what Cantos hadn't told the boys was that the museum was debuting its new exhibition “The Art of Video Games.” “They absolutely live for video games,” says Cantos, an attorney that works for the federal government. The boys have a Nintendo GameCube ...

Smithsonian (blog)

Official EURO video game
Football fans and gamers can feel the excitement of the UEFA European Championship with the worldwide launch of EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012, the official video game of the eagerly awaited tournament in Poland and Ukraine. EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012, ...


Manatee County teen runs video game business
Bay News 9
It's in the video game industry. And business is booming. "We can customize it to your favorite logo,” said Vrinios. “Your favorite team, your company logo, your gamertag from XBOX, your PS3 tag, anything you want." Vrinios paints and custom designs ...

Bay News 9

Howard Chaykin teases video game, comics
Digital Spy
Howard Chaykin has teased an upcoming video game he is working on and several comics projects. The artist and writer said that he was working on the top secret game, alongside a sequel to his explicit 1988 comic Black Kiss and a creator-owned Icon ...

TwitchTV Launches iPad and Android Apps; Expands Mobile Market Presence for ...
MarketWatch (press release)
SAN FRANCISCO, Apr 12, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- TwitchTV, the world's leading live video game broadcasting network, today announced its free iOS and Android applications, which were developed to meet growing consumer demand for on-the-go access to live ...

John Mayer Covers “Video Games”
If ever a singer could pull off a re-make of Lana Del Rey's haunting hit single “Video Games,” it would be John Mayer. The bluesy crooner's vocals have consistently metamorphosed into tunes more soulfully melodic than the delightful bubble gum acoustic ...


DHS Wants Data From Video Game Consoles
IT Business Net
The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly preparing tools to collect and monitor communications through video games. Read More We don't know anyone who sent his/her boss a note saying "I'm sorry, you know I Love You." Or sent their significant ...

Favorite 5: Video games for interdisciplinary research
Magy Seif El-Nasr, associate professor of creative industires, teaches courses in the game-design and interactive media program. Photo by Mike Mazzanti. Associate professor Magy Seif El-Nasr, who holds joint positions in the College of Computer and ...


This video game will cost you $1300
by Randy Nelson | Last updated 2:29PM EDT on April 12, 2012 Special editions of video games have been serious business in Japan for decades, often coming with soundtracks, art books, models, and other unique collectibles, and sometimes selling for ...

GAME collapse takes its toll on video game sales
Digital Spy
GAME Group's entry into administration drove yearly video game sales down by 34%, it has been revealed. 2.7m games were sold during March, compared to 4.1m during the same period last year, reports MCV. Cash generated at retail during the month stands ...

'Lollypop Chainsaw' game maker inspired by '80s movies
"Lollipop Chainsaw" was one of the more popular booths at PAX East -- and not just because of a real-life version of the video game's heroine was there for most of the gamer convention that took place last weekend in Boston. The upcoming action fest, ...


VIDEO GAME REVIEW: 'Silent Hill: Downpour' frustratingly familiar
Central Michigan Life
By Jordan LaPorte on April 11, 2012 6:08 pm in Reviews / 1 comment The “Silent Hill” series has been in a situation much like its own protagonists for a while now, wandering around aimlessly in a haze trying to find the right path towards salvation.

Tax relief for Italian video game industry proposed
The proposal aims to introduce tax credit and tax shelter for the development of video games in Italy, along with tax credit for the distribution of games developed in the country. It also allows for venture capital firms to invest in Italian game ...

Should video games be considered art?
New Scientist (blog)
DO VIDEO games count as art? The cultural stronghold of gaming - now a $25 billion industry - is undisputed, but the earliest game creators saw themselves primarily as computer programmers or engineers. And those among them who do see their work as art ...

New Scientist (blog)

Rancho Cordova game developer to 'Kickstart' video game
I'm also a fairly big gamer myself and there were several games that I had played that I incorporated into the Bejeweled mechanic." Much of the game is already good to go with LaFlam having been working on it and financing it out of his own pocket over ...


The 50 Most Awful Retro Video Game Box Art Covers
Aside from having the worst music, styles and US Presidents of the entire century, it also produced some of the most god awful video game covers of all time, and that even bled over into the early '90s. The worst part is that these games were often so ...

Ask a Video Game Developer Anything … Call for Questions
So we're doing it again: Ask a video game developer anything (preferably about the world of game-making)! Put your questions in the comments section, please. In a week or so, Jeremiah Slaczka (5TH Cell creative director! Scribblenauts! Hybrid!) ...

Gamer Argues That The Mass Effect 3 Ending Served As False Advertising
Gaming Union
After a gamer named "El_Spiko" filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, communications director Marjore Stephens answered the concerns as addressed by "El_Spiko". Stephens used the game's promotional statements as her backing, ...

Gaming Union

Cloud Gaming App Comes to Facebook
Home Media Magazine
Gaikai, the company behind the technology, promises video game publishers a new way to reach millions of potential new gaming players in North America and Europe. The beta version of the Facebook application will allow users to try out some games for ...

Home Media Magazine

gamer's notebook
Ventura County Reporter
By Chris O'Neal 04/12/2012 After the war — the war of the wallet, in which dollars lie as casualties on the long-forged trail of new releases — there manifests a wasteland stretching as far as the eye can see. Strewn across it are what players call ...

Ventura County Reporter

New Video Game Releases – May 2012
By Alex Riviello
New video game releases in May 2012 belong to Payne. ... Let us know which video gamereleases you're excited about in the comments below. Category: GuySpeed, Video Games · Share on facebook!Share on twitter!Send to a friend! Like ...

The Five Most Meta Video Games Ever Made « Mancave Daily ...
By mreal197
There's been a couple games that go on the whole Quentin Tarantino route of video-gamemaking, notably the so-simple-but-so-good Super Mario Bros. Crossover. And cameos happen all the time. But few games have assembled such a ...
Mancave Daily - Chicago

[House] Lana Del Rey – Video Games (LA Riots & GTA Remix) | The ...
By Rex Buchanan
Her single “Video Games” is brought to new life by remixers GTA from Miami and LA Riots of, well, LA. With an underwater bass line over epic trance chords their production style goes well with the sad core theme even if it isn't the most ...
The Music Ninja

The Background is Her Dress - Video Games - Memes, Captions ...
By Cheezburger Network
video game memes - The Background is Her Dress.
Video Games - Memes, Captions,...

Into The Pixel Art of the Video Game at PAX EAST
By Nicole Wakelin
Roger Ebert once wrote an article in which he claimed that video games can not be art. The internet ... The people behind Into The Pixel are out to prove him wrong with their annual selection of the best in video game art from around the world.
Nerd Approved - Gadgets and Gizmos

Fantasy Cricket Is A Gratifying Video game | 90:00 Soccer
By mailto133
Dreaming a good deal and jogging right after them timberland uk is not something improper. The very best element is to recognize them and make it feasible. Recreation of cricket has given a rise to the dream of picking one's own group of ...

Ron Paul finally defeats the Fed in new video game | The Raw Story
By Stephen C. Webster
“Programming video games is kind of a hobby of mine. I'm the lead programmer on a site called RonPaulSwag.com, where we sell t-shirts and promote liberty to younger crowds. A video gamewas kind of the next step for me.” Another feature: ...
The Raw Story

These Mass Effect Hoodies Make Video Game Clothing Finally Look ...
By Jason Schreier
Check out these awesome Mass Effect hoodies, designed by deviantART user lupodirosso earlier this week. Unlike a lot of gaming-centric clothing, these...
Kotaku Australia

Every great video game looks bad in some point in time ...
By seanmalstrom
But what many people, gamer and industry alike, are unaware is that every great video gamelooks bad in some point in time. ... muttered some grizzly old Panzar General gamer. ... Why do great video games look bad at some point in time?
Malstrom's Articles News

9GAG - Gamer lvl : Asians
Gamer lvl : Asians. This post may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by 9GAG's user community. Sign up or login to view this post. 9GAG © 2012; ·English ( en ); ·Keyboard shortcuts. About; ·9 Rules; ·FAQ; ·Terms ...
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RAGE Video Game Review | Flames Rising Horror & Dark Fantasy ...
Categorized | Reviews, Video Games · GRIM · RAGE Video Game Review. Posted on April 12, 2012 by .... No related posts. Tags | post-apocalyptic, video-games · Print This Post. Leave a Reply. Click here to cancel reply. Name (required) ...
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Discussion on Exhibit explores 'The Art of Video Games' (images ...
Exhibit explores 'The Art of Video Games' (images). 2. Comments. Add Your Opinion .... Popular on CBS sites: US Open | PGA Championship | iPad | Video Game Reviews | Cell Phones. © 2012 CBS Interactive. All rights reserved.
on TechRepublic

The Kickstarter Video Game Report – Week of April 13 » Zeboyd ...
By Robert
Before I begin this week's installment of Kickstarter news, let me thank everyone who stopped by our booth at PAX East last week. The whole convention was quite possibly the most work I've ever done in a 3 day period but it was rewarding to ...
Zeboyd Games

Video game review: Swing tracking for 'Tiger 13' almost there ...
By admin
Gaikai brings console-quality video games to Facebook "Cloud Gaming means ... This entry was posted in Video Game and tagged &#39Tiger, 13&#39, almost, game, review, Swing, there, tracking, Video by admin. Bookmark the permalink.
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Rare Breeds: Video Game Genres on the Verge of Extinction from ...
The Best Video Game Glitches. Feature. Share it: Tweet ... And with these CD peripherals there were interactive movies, also termed "full-motion video" games.

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