100 year old gamer uses Nintendo DS to keep her mind active

100 year old gamer uses Nintendo DS to keep her mind active
Kit, who turned 100 last week, only started playing video games at the age of 96, but she now relies on her DS console to keep her mind active. “The Nintendo has been a great help to me, it's absolutely amazing. If there's any secret to a long life ...

Video games celebrate 40th birthday!
No smart phones, no computers, and no video games. Video games are not really all that old. In fact, this years marks the vast entertainment genre's 40th birthday. Congratulations, video games. You are now over the hill... or plateau.

It costs more than $17000 a year to be a gamer apparently
The Kinect Perfect Range Anti-Slip Gaming Mat, which is supposedly what every gamer wants and needs. By Matthew Hawkins Bloomberg recently ran a piece called "The Real Cost of Being a VideoGamer." The query was answered by calculating the expenses ...

White House office studies benefits of video games
It comes as recent research shows that video games now reach across demographic and generational lines. The advent of cellphone and casual games such as Angry Birds and Farmville have reworked the typical gamer profile in breathtaking fashion.


Parcel Gamer wants to share used game profits with publishers
Ars Technica
He's setting up a new used game trading site called Parcel Gamer that he thinks can satisfy both publishers and gamers, while also undercutting GameStop's high-margin business model. At first, the concept behind the site sounds too good to be true.

Paul McCartney making video games soundtrack
Up until now the only time McCartney has ever had anything to do with video gamesis his involvement with surprise flop The Beatles: Rock Band. He was relatively hands-on, fact checking the game's trivia and overseeing aspects of both the music and ...


In Defense of Video Games: More Than Just an Entertaining Time Sink
Many of us at Lifehacker are big fans of video games. Our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, however, is skeptical that gaming holds anything of value beyond simple entertainment, and more often than not, believes that games are a dangerous time sink.

Social games for the non-gamer
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
While the full-on gamer lifestyle may not be for everyone, a new batch of games has been targeting people through websites they may already frequent. “I don't play video games, but I can sit on Facebook and play Farkle for hours,” said Donavon Hawk, ...

Facepalm Alert: Lawyer blames video games for client's firebomb attacks
After all, being a lawyer and all, I'm sure Kalisch has read the industry stats that note the age of the average video gamer is 37 years old and the other industry stats that show where video games are something played by far more grownups than kids ...

Live Gamer Partners with PaymentOne to Expand International Mobile Payment Options
EON: Enhanced Online News (press release)
(EON: Enhanced Online News)--PaymentOne (www.paymentone.com), a global leader in mobile payments, and Live Gamer (www.livegamer.com), the world's first combined digital commerce and advertising platform for the interactive entertainment industry, ...

How Video Games Helped Treat a Burned War Veteran
For Sam Brown, a soldier who was badly burned in combat several years ago in Afghanistan, video games were more than an escape. They were a vital part of an experimental treatment, removing him from the searing pain of reality by immersing him in a ...

Video Games: 10 Features to Demand in WWE '13
Bleacher Report
Either way, WWE is the bad girlfriend of video games. Every year, she sweet talks me, tells me it'll be better this time—Predator technology this, stacking tables that—but it never fails. Every year, that girl takes my money, and I'm left wondering ...

Bleacher Report

The Comet: Stop the Sexism: Girls Play Video Games, Too!
... hey, I'm not an amazing gamer, and I make mistakes, but if you say it's because I'ma girl, then I'll get mad. For one, I can beat any dude's butt in Mario Kart. For two, some guys suck at video games and there are some amazing female gamers, ...

Athletes reveal their favorite video games
For sophomore defensive back Markall Williams, being a "rookie" compared to his teammates at playing video games does not necessarily mean he can't earn a win here or there. One memorable game he had was with a fellow teammate of his in "NBA 2K12.

Gamer's Grasp: Talk to me
Baruch College The Ticker
Back in the day, when a gamer wanted to give their opinion, they were at a disadvantage. When it came to the early days of the Internet, the most effective way fans could get a point across was via snail mail. The effort to have any feedback with ...

Okla. Lawmaker Proposes Tax On Violent Video Games
KHBS-KHOG Northwest Arkansas
An Oklahoma lawmaker is proposing a tax on violent video games to fight childhood obesity and school bullying. Rep. William Fourkiller of Stilwell says the lack of physical activity associated with playing the games and the violence they portray have ...

Get your game on at the Smithsonian's Art of Video Games exhibition
by Katherine Gray | Last updated 1:21PM EST on February 1, 2012 Video gamesaren't just fun to play — they also contain some pretty impressive digital art. It still may seem odd to think of a venerable institution like the Smithsonian's American Art ...


10 of the best games shops in Tokyo
The Guardian
In Akihabara, Sofmap has several locations, each with a slightly different focus: Akiba Sofmap #1 (computer games and popstars), Sofmap Amusement-kan (video gamesand posters ), and Akiba Sofmap #2 (figurines and used games).

The Guardian

Nintendo falls behind creative curve for video games
Revitalizing an industry that was less than a year from failing in the late 1980s, Nintendo ushered in a new age that has led to great advances in video games. Then, Nintendo unveiled another groundbreaking console, the Wii, which utilizes ...

Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula VGA Cooler Review
Legit Reviews
The Dracula is part of the Gamer Storm line which is Deepcool's product line aimed at enthusiasts. This is far from your average VGA cooler as it is massive. Depending on how you configure the fans, it can occupy up to four PCI slots!

Legit Reviews

IGN Entertainment and SHINE Group Get Ready to START with New Youtube video ...
APP Market
START, the new YouTube video games channel from IGN Entertainment and SHINE Group, launches with its first wave of original shows this week. Part of Google's YouTube channels initiative, START is among YouTube's first official original channels to ...

How to get into video games: A lesson learned from BioWare
The Gaming Vault
What does this all have to do with being in pictures video games? Why, everything, of course! It just goes to show that even the inoffensive images can skyrocket your career by catering to some sort of demographic. In this case, that demographic was ...

The Gaming Vault

170 THQ staff laid off, report claims
That's according to Kevin Dent, CEO of video games consultancy practice Tiswaz Entertainment and head of the IGDA mobile special interest group. Dent, who claimed last month that THQ had cancelled its entire 2014 software line-up - a move denied by the ...

Total War Dev Talks Strategy Genre, XCOM, Facebook, Consoles
Total War lead designer James Russell does not consider XCOM: Enemy Unknown as a huge rival for gamer's affections - rather it can help grow interest in the genre. "The world of gaming is changing all the time. I think strategy gaming is changing as ...

Samsung Series 7 Gamer – the Alienware Competitor Gets Updated Specs and is ...
International Business Times AU
One of the most interesting offers was the Samsung Series 7 Gamer - as the name suggests, these laptops are meant for gaming and going by the design and hardware specs, they definitely look like they can take on the popular Alienware series from Dell.

International Business Times AU

UPDATE: UK Retailer Game: 'Publishers To Withhold New Games ...
And without us I think the video games industry would be a very different and much smaller place. We support each other and we have done a very good job of it over the last year." He also conceded that Game "had a bad year financially," in ...
News - NowGamer

7 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Video Games | Kiwi Commons
By The Online Mom
Video games teach kids to think objectively about both the games themselves and their own performance. While there are many games that place a premium on strategy, most set an overall goal and give the gamer numerous ways in which he ...
Kiwi Commons

Are Video Games Art: Smithsonian Exhibit Hints 'Yes'
By Jeff N
The Smithsonian (aka the most revered and renowned museum in the world along with The Louvre and The British Museum) are officially doing an exhibit based on the Art of Video Games.
The Jace Hall Show

Time to change our view of the gamer | Women's Views on News
If you hear the phrase 'Social gaming' do you imagine middle -aged professional women who are happy with their lives and having lots of sex?
Women's Views on News

White House office studies benefits of video games - Loku
Recent findings from the Entertainment Software Association ( ESA ), a game industry trade group, suggest that the typical gamer is 37 years old. Nearly two-thirds of households in the USA play video games, and since 1999, the percentage of ...
Loku News

100 year-old Woman Gamer
By Vincent Abry
100 year-old Woman Gamer. This woman is 100 years old and still loves to play video games(Nintendo DS Lite here) because it's good for skills and brain she said. 100 year-old gamer. “A sprightly centenarian has revealed the secret to ...
Marketing Tech Blog

27 Things You Never Noticed in Famous Video Games Article ...
Nothing is as simultaneously rewarding and frustrating as discovering a hidden cheat in a game you've played hundreds of times. And while it would basically be physically impossible for something to have escaped our eye on some games, ...
Cracked: All Posts

Kinect Never Aimed for “Hardcore” Gamer | Se7enSins Gaming News
By duff
Last year at E3, the latest version of Ghost Recon was showcased using Kinect technology , set to become the initial first person shooters for what we like to believe is the real, or hardcore, gamer. Fast forward to present day; where are the rest ...
Se7enSins Gaming News

You're Never Too Old To Be A Gamer
By Zeon Santos
(YouTube Link). The centenarian in this video is here to tell you that you're never too old to be a hardcore gamer, and she stresses the fact that gaming can do wonders for your mental health as she happily plays her beloved Nintendo DS. And I got to use the word centenarian in a blog post that relates to video games, so yay life! –via The Mary Sue · Previous Post · Email This Post · Tweet This Post · Share This Post on Facebook. Tags: centenarian, mental health, Nintendo DS, video ...

Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula VGA Cooler Review | Hardware ...
Today we are testing the Gamer Storm Dracula, a huge VGA cooler from Deepcool with six heatpipes that can be used with up to four 120 mm fans.

7 Video Games Made Better With Van Damme - Games Feature at IGN
Continue to 7 Video Games Made Better With Van Damme - Games Feature at IGN ». Learn how to disable this ad ». IGN Entertainment: ...

Review: Dustforce (New Gamer Nation) | N4G
Review: Dustforce (New Gamer Nation). Who knew cleaning up could be so much fun? Hitbox Team's new release Dustforce is a brand new indie platformer ...

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