Active video games don't mean kids exercise more

Active video games don't mean kids exercise more
By Genevra Pittman | NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - All that virtual boxing, bowling and dancing along with video game systems might not be helping kids meet their daily exercise requirements, a new study suggests. In the report, kids who were given ...

Active Video Games May Not Get Kids More Active
27, 2012 -- Giving children an “active” dancing or sports video game may not necessarily make them more active. A new study shows that children given active video games were no more physically active than those given more stationary video games.

"Active" video games like Wii Fit won't boost kids' physical activity: Study
CBS News
By study's end, the kids who were given active video games were no more physically active than kids who were given the inactive games. There was no bump in physical activity even when kids first got the video game, and no difference in physical ...

Active Video Games Don't Keep Kids Moving
NPR (blog)
by Nancy Shute Active video games like the Wii seem just the thing to lure children into getting more exercise. But in real life, giving a child active video games doesn't get them off the couch and moving. That's what happened with 78 healthy children ...

Active Video Games No Fix for Kids' Fitness
MedPage Today
By Crystal Phend, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today Explain that the physical activity levels of children who participated in an active video game were the same as children given a Wii with traditional sedentary video games.

MedPage Today

'Active' video games may not boost kids' fitness
27 (HealthDay News) -- Apparently there's no guarantee that your kids will mend their couch-potato ways if you give them a fitness video game. A new study found no differences in physical activity over a three-month period between a group of children ...

Active video games fail to improve kids' fitness
Active video games like Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Fit Plus are marketed with the suggestion children will burn more calories than they would sitting down to watch TV or playing a traditional video game. Some public health researchers hoped the ...

Cells might grow eggs; active video games don't work magic
Video fitness: Giving a kid a video game with the word "dance" or "sports" in the title won't necessarily turn the child into a dancing (or bowling or boxing) machine. Kids given such games in a new study were no more active than kids given traditional ...


Robert Griffin III talks video games, draft
ESPN (blog)
Robert Griffin III might end up being the most dominant video game quarterback since Michael Vick. Don't believe me? Check out what "Madden" ratings guru Donny Moore had to say when I asked him about RG3: "We could be looking at the best rookie in the ...

ESPN (blog)

Active video games don't necessarily increase physical activity in children
BCM News
HOUSTON -- (February 27, 2012) -- In a recent study, researchers found that providing children with an active video game did not result in an increase in physical activity levels. The findings were published today by researchers at the USDA Agriculture ...

Video games, impulsivity seem to go hand-in-hand
25 (HealthDay News) -- Too much time spent playing video games may lead to impulsive behavior and attention problems in children, and vice versa, according to a new study. In other words, people who spend more time playing video games subsequently have ...

Video games, TV can create vicious cycle in impulsive children
The Verge
By Brian Crecente on February 27, 2012 11:00 am 0Comments Playing video games can create a vicious cycle that attracts some children with attention and impulse control issues, and then exacerbates that problem, according to the findings of a recent ...

Active Sports Video Games Not Increasing Exercise In Children
A new study, published in Pediatrics, calls into question the health benefits of so-called activevideo games, in which players use their bodies to simulate sports or dancing, reports Jennifer Warner for WebMD. Previous laboratory studies showed ...

Robert Griffin III Gets Popular Video Game Cover
CBS Local
The popular video game maker Electronic Arts Inc announced on Monday that RG3 will be featured on the cover of EA Sports NCAA Football 13. The much anticipated game is scheduled to be released on Tuesday July 10, 2012.

Study Shows Video Games Show Religion As Violent, Problematic
Cinema Blend
Greg Perreault, a doctoral student in the University of Missouri School of Journalism found that most mainstream games that include the use of religion usually depicts religion in a violent light or in a way that poses as a problem that thegamer must ...

Cinema Blend

Active Video Games May Not Increase Activity in Children
Doctors Lounge
Receiving active video games does not increase children's physical activity levels compared with receiving inactive video games, according to a study published online Feb. 27 in Pediatrics. MONDAY, Feb. 27 (HealthDay News) -- Receiving active video ...

Robert Griffin III to Be Featured on NCAA Football 13 Video Game Cover
Bleacher Report
The younger crowd of college football fans eagerly await the new EA Sports NCAA Football 13 video game from a franchise that brings in a new game every year. Each year, the cover sports a departing college athlete with an impressive resume.

Bleacher Report

Why Active Video Games Likely Won't Fix the Obesity Epidemic
About - News & Issues
While a study a few years ago did show that playing active video games could be as effective as moderate physical activity, a new study that will be published in the March issue of Pediatrics, "Impact of an Active Video Game on Healthy Children's ...

Video games depict religion as violent, problematized, MU study shows
Science Codex
This increase in popularity and use of technology has allowed video game developers to insert more detail and nuance into the storylines of their games. Many video games have begun incorporating religion as a key aspect to plot points and story lines.

Doug Flutie could join RG3 on NCAA Football video game cover (blog)
By Matt Pepin, Globe Staff Former Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie is one of eight former Heisman Trophy winners nominated to join Baylor's Robert Griffin III on the cover of EA Sports's NCAA Football 13 video game. On March 12, voting will open ...

Nintendo's 3DS and Sony's PS Vita face off for the gamer on the go
The price of the device is comparative to that of a PlayStation 3, which already has hundreds of video game titles and a Blu-ray player. Freshman Shawn Linnen, a computer science major at UNC Charlotte, is holding off judgement of the new handheld ...

Study: Physically-interactive video games don't increase kids' activity
DALLAS - It is possible for kids to work up a sweat dancing and biking their way through interactive video games, but new research indicates kids aren't necessarily more physically active just because they're playing those games.

Robert Griffin III Returns To Baylor To Promote NCAA Video Game
WACO (February 27, 2012)—Fresh from the NFL scouting combine, Robert Griffin III was on the Baylor campus Monday to announce he's going to appear on the cover of EA SPORTS popular NCAA Football 13 video game, based on a fan vote.

Active Video Games Are Like Exercise Machines
By Deborah Mitchell on February 27, 2012 - 11:42am for eMaxHealth If you think giving your children a Wii or other active video games will make them exercise more, think again. Active video games are like exercise machines—they only help if you use ...


Moms Talk: The Video Game Debate
By Rebecca Gillis If you have children in the current age of technology, you may or may not have the ambivalent feelings I posess towards video games. On the one hand, there are many educational games that expand children's minds and reach them in a ...

UK Video Game Chart: PS Vita claims No.1 and No.2 with Uncharted and FIFA Football
Sony's PS Vita bursts into the UK video games chart, claiming the top two places through Sony's Uncharted: Golden Abyss at No.1 and EA's FIFA Football at No.2. These two titles accounted for a massive 50 per cent of Vita's 22 launch title sales:...

Playing video game improves cognitive ability
Charlotte Observer
For some older adults, the online video game "World of Warcraft" may provide more than just an opportunity for escapist adventure. NC State researchers have found that playing the game actually boosted cognitive functioning for older adults ...

New Video Game Releases (2/27) on Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii, PSP ...
HawtWired (blog)
The video game release highlights on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, 3DS, and PC/Mac include SSX, Mass Effect 3 (Digital pre-load available), Pokepark 2, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2, ...

For Your Family: Casual Gamer Moms
A new Mom Central survey of 1200 Moms found that Moms play computer, online, mobile and video games by themselves an average of 5 hours a week, and spend an additional 3 hours a week playing these types of games with their kids.

Heisman Trophy winner Griffin III on cover of NCAA Football 13 video game
Winnipeg Free Press
Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III will be featured on the cover of NCAA Football 13 when the video game hits retailers in July, Electronic Arts Inc. announced Monday. In addition, another Heisman Trophy winner will join Griffin III on the cover ...

Hitting on girls with subliminal video game titles is surprisingly ...
By Jessica Conditt
In reality they're terrible, of course, but as far as "subliminally inserting video game titles into pickup lines for random university girls" goes, the guys above do a pretty good job of things. They're even slightly successful -- maybe not "sticking my thing in her Portal" successful, but .... 2 hearts; Report. I read the title and I thought "they took lines out of video games and turned them into pick up lines, this should be funny!" but instead they just say game names and take their meaning away.

New Study Claims Video Games Depict Religion in Problematic ...
By james_fudge
At the same time that Perreault draws these conclusions, he also emphasizes that he does not believe that video game developers are trying to create any kind of intentional commentary on religion. "It doesn't appear that game developers are ...
GamePolitics blogs

10 Best Video Game Movies Ever Made | EgoTV
By Jonny Svarzbein
... though most of them aren't worth the fifteen dollar ticket. Whether they are based on existingvideo game franchises, revolve around video games, or just embody the spirit of the gamer-verse, here are the best video game movies ever made.

March 2012 Video Game Release Dates: Mass Effect 3 Helms A ...
By Jason Dunning
March 2012 Video Game Release Dates Include Mass Effect 3 Street Fighter x Tekken Xbox 360 PS3 PSVita Wii 3DS Ninja Gaiden 3 Journey PSN XBLA.
Trendy Gamers | Video Games Reviews,...

Active Video Games Don't Keep Kids Moving | KOSU Radio
By KOSU News
“The active video games are very different than other video games in that there's no story,” Baranowski told Shots. “We think if we could learn to wrap a story around an active video game, we would get more kids active as they try to see how ...
KOSU Radio

'Active' Video Games May Not Boost Kids' Fitness: Study - Drugs ...
"By week six, we thought physical activity would taper off, and that in the seventh week, when they got to chose a new, second video game, that there might be an increase in activity. We expected the active video games would have a modest ... - Daily MedNews

Celebrity Video Game Endorsements: Part One
It's a whacky world folks, made increasingly bizarre by the increasing variety of celebrity endorsements out there. the The video games industry has witnessed its own fair share of celebrity involvement, some good, some bad, and some just ...

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