Gamer's guide to Valentine's Day

A Gamer's Guide to Valentine's
Australian Gamer
You are a gamer. You are interested in someone; here I have used a non/casual-gaming female, although a girl who plays a lot of games would find these gestures extremely sweet as well. In fact, if you change a few pronouns, I'm pretty sure this guide ...

A Gamer's guide to Valentine's Day
Ah, Valentine's Day. Once a year it comes and goes, bringing romance, heartbreak, love, loneliness and everything in between. For those of you less inclined towards chocolate, and more inclined towards virtual violence, then finding a way to make ...

Lana Del Rey: My lips are real
New York Daily News
“ I think because I cartoonized the footage of myself in the video for 'Video Games' things look exaggerated." The chanteuse's kisser has garnered the singer nearly as much attention as her singing. She's signed with Next Model Management and landed...

New York Daily News

Celebrate Valentines Day with Lollipop Chainsaw
Whilst not on every gamer's mind, Valentines Day is one holiday that cannot be ignored, especially with the brilliant Lollipop Chainsaw seeing release later this year. To celebrate Lollipop Chainsaw Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and KADOKAWA ...

Video games not to blame for obesity, anything else
There is zero doubt that video games have taken on different stereotypes: portraying anti-social behavior, laziness and unproductiveness, and obesity. While it might seem that video games turn a child's mind into nothing more than gray matter numb to ...

Curt Schilling: Hardcore Gamer
New Yorker (blog)
Schilling was at Bloomberg Television, having just stepped off set. He was wearing makeup, and looking far less intimidating than he once did on NESN. Schilling seemed to take pleasure in reflecting on his previous life of leisure.

New Yorker (blog)

To love, honour and play video games
Sydney Morning Herald
Video games are universal. We have participants as young as 20 and as old as early 30s come along. The main characteristic that everyone shares is having two opposable thumbs," he added. Mr Darch, who hosts sell out Mario Kart date nights every month,...

Sydney Morning Herald

PS Vita games review round-up
The Average Gamer: GREAT - WipEout 2048 is a spectacular game. Studio Liverpool have produced the PS Vita's must have launch title and one of the best WipEout games ever made. With action-packed tracks, a wide variety of events including hidden ...

Guinness says CoD: Black Ops has Greatest Video Game Ending
Now that they're branched out in to video games, their “records” have become decidedly more subjective. They've now fingered Call of Duty: Black Ops as having the best ending in a video game ever – a conclusion they've come to by polling 13519 gamers ...


The Many Ways Kids, Teens, Adults and Society Can Benefit from Video Games
PR Web (press release)
Jennifer Comet Wagner hopes to remedy the situation with her new book, The GamerGeneration: Reaping the Benefits of Video Games. Why are so many people missing out on the vast benefits that video games have to offer? For at least a decade many studies ...

PR Web (press release)

Are you a gamer or just a sports gamer ?
Operation Sports (blog)
As the title states, are you a gamer or just a sports gamer. Meaning do you play a variety of games or only just one or two sports games. I have seen a lot of men say I don't play video games, I just play Madden or MLB The Show.

VIDEO: It's another hipster ditty about video games, but with a catch
Sorry for being late to the party, but I only just discovered this chick when a pal of mine passed along the following, since I have a thing for hipsters who do music related to video games. Though the preface of “i don't suppose you've written about ...

Gaming History Milestone: Spacewar! 50-Year Anniversary
Now, 50 years later, video games are enjoyed by millions of millions of people worldwide, as part of a multi-billion dollar industry, which only threatens to continue growing as time passes. How did we get here? Although Spacewar! may not technically ...

Best. Console. Ever.
Every system has shining examples of what video games are supposed to be. In this modern age of gaming, I find myself stunned by the graphical prowess of modern systems, and the rich stories they tell. There is one thing that puts my favorite console...


Enter a dark tale in our preview of Yesterday
When you bring up Pendulo Studios to a fellow adventure gamer they think warm bright colours, insane characters and humorous dialogue, their Runaway series has defined them in the point-and-click circles. Thankfully it is also clear that Pendulo know...


Soul Calibur, Metal Gear Solid And GTA 3 Hit Retro Gamer
Issue 99 of Retro Gamer is now on sale and includes an exclusive making of 3D Monster Maze with creator Malcolm Evans. 3D Monster Maze set the groundwork for survival horror, which was later used by the likes of Capcom with its Resident Evil series.

One of the Idiots From Jersey Shore is Bringing his Fake Tan to Video Games
Mike Sorrentino, aka The Situation from MTV's Jersey Shore, doesn't just fancy himself as a man who struts about a reality show doing...stuff. He also fancies himself as, of all things, a video game developer. Or at least a consultant.

Comics Reacts To Double Fine's $1.3 Million Kickstarter Success
Video games designer Tim Schafer is renowned for creating some of the most quirky and lovable adventure games in the past two decades, including Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and Psychonauts. Though he still commands a rabid fan ...

Majesco Entertainment Launches Zumba(R) Fitness Rush Nationwide, Exclusively ...
MarketWatch (press release)
EDISON, NJ, Feb 13, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Majesco Entertainment Company /quotes/zigman/95467/quotes/nls/cool COOL +4.98% , an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, along with Zumba Fitness LLC, today announced the release of ...

Dare to be Digital to offer a step into the games industry
The 'Dare to be Digital Competition,' is an international video-games development competition for third-level students, co-ordinated by the DHDA and supported by the North-South Cooperation Unit at the Department of Education and Skills.

How Sustainable Is GameStop's Digital Sales Scheme?
The writing is on the wall: by 2020, video games will no longer be something a person buys in a bricks-and-mortar store. The transition is already well underway. People are downloading their video games to Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhones.

Avoiding tricky app fees
(KNSD) - Some video games are out to nickel and dime our kids while they play. Father Johner Riehl found out the hard way when his young son racked up more than $100 dollars on a "free" iPhone game called "Smurf's Village.


Real Football 2012 game for Android is top notch
Phones Review
For the Android gamer and football fan, that's football as in soccer and not football as in American football, you might like to know that Gameloft has now released real Football 2012 for the Android platform and is a top notch gamer for the lover of ...

Phones Review

Marine invests savings in zombie video game
Marine Corps Times
By Tony Lombardo - Staff writer Plenty of video games pit you against a brain-thirsty zombie horde. But in how many can you apply your noncommissioned officer leadership traits or wield a Marine officer's ceremonial sword? “I Shall Remain” is a new PC ...

Gunpoint: sneak around and rewire world to trick foes
Boing Boing
Francis, a writer for PC Gamer UK, isn'ta programmer by trade. Looking at Gunpoint, you wouldn't know it: the user-friendly GameMaker development environment and a call for artists and musicians helped bring it from idea to reality within months In a ...

'Batman: Arkham City' tops Metacritic top-review chart
USA TODAY (blog)
By Mike Snider, USA TODAY In the review aggregation site's The Best Video Gamesof 2011 report, the PlayStation 3 version of Batman: Arkham City topped The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Xbox 360 by "a few decimal points" to win Metacritic's Game of the ...

USA TODAY (blog)

Corrupted Saves: Gaming With Your Heart
Game Rant
Video games and Valentine's Day go together like midnight releases and Red Bull. Or at the very least as well as dismemberment and violence. When you look at a game like Twisted Metal, a title that's oozing love and feelings out of every digital ...

Game Rant

Ghost Rider Directors Neveldine/Taylor
by Edward Douglas After writing and directing two "Crank" movies and the sci-fi flick Gamer, directors (Mark) Neveldine and (Brian) Taylor finally got around to tackling an established property with Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, a film that brings ...

Maroon and Gamer: Lax Appreciation of Games | ASU News | The ...
By Spencer Fawcett
10, Kotaku revealed that inside the Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition there were such prestigious awards as “First Country Music-Themed Dancing Game,” which went to GameMill's Country Dance, and “Largest Range of Bombs in a Stealth Videogame” went to Assassin's Creed: Revelations. The problem with these ... jokes and loud noises. Leave a comment below or send me an email at with your opinions on the recognition video games receive.
ASU News | The State Press |...

For the Love of Each Other, and Video Games! | Epic Games ...
By Flak
For Gears of War super fans Jim and Erica Plowman, Gears of War is more than just a series ofvideo games. If it wasn't for Gears of War, they may ... Yes, both of our kids are gamer kids. Jim even got them gamer tags the day they were born!
Epic Games Community

The 8-bitty Is A Retro Gamer's Dream Come True
By Dylan Love
This iPhone Controller Is A Retro Gamer's Dream Come True. Dylan Love | Feb. 13, 2012, 11:54 AM | 580 | ... and Facebook. Follow Dylan Love on Twitter. Tags: Hardware, Apple, Games, Gadgets,Video Games | Get Alerts for these topics » ...

No cost Gambling establishment Video games ( space ) The internet ...
By Blogger
Since casinos commenced signing up web sites for on the internet casino video games, an incredible number of avid gamers from around the world have took part in these. The purpose of sites would be to provide enjoyable online games ...
Net Worm

PC Gamer – iRacing Best Auto Racing Game of All Time ...
By Brandon Warren
PC Gamer magazine, the self-proclaimed global authority on PC games, has released it's annual ”Top 100 Games of All Time” article and has not only ranked iRacing as 39th overall, but has also named it to be the best auto racing game of all ...

[Gamer Diary] – What I've been playing… January 2012 | Bad ...
By Rai
I have decided to ape some of the monthly features of gaming print mags and introduce a “What I've been playing…” summary post.
Bad Reputation
Brits Launch New Website: Hookshot Inc. | Front Towards Gamer
By GamerGirl
Hookshot Inc. covers all video games under $15 that are worth a mention, regardless of platform. So if you're a busy gamer with an eye for a bargain, head over to Hookshot Inc. and take a look around. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, ...
Front Towards Gamer

What's wrong with video games « romish internet graffiti
By Scott W.
There's something else to consider when thinking about RIFT's future marriage system, and that's the issue of same-sex marriage. Different games have gone different routes when it comes to the issue. Many allow it, others do not. Others still ...
romish internet graffiti

Mass Effect 3 demo impressions | GGS Gamer
By Aarron Barker
13 Feb, 2012. Most of you know the story going into Mass Effect 3 by now, and if not, here's a quick recap. The Reapers are now fast approaching the entire galaxy and earth. Following the events of The Arrival in Mass Effect 2, Shepard has ...
GGS Gamer

Video games 'more creative than reading' | N4G
Video games 'more creative than reading'. Middle-class parents should not be afraid of letting their children play computer games because the experience is ...

Games of Empire — University of Minnesota Press
Analyzes video games and their links with capitalism, militarism, and social control. ... Games of Empire offers a radical political critique of such video games and ...

Annette John-Hall: Using video games to reduce violence -
We've heard it for years - a violent culture begets violence. Conventional wisdom says, if you want to understand the not-so-subliminal reasons for incivility, you ...

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