Exploring online gamer culture

Exploring online gamer culture
Calgary Herald
Opening night also featured a talk back with Duthie, a crew member who's a passionate gamer, and a pair of local psychologists, who emphasized that there are both benefits and negatives that come with video games. nOOb — the title refers to the online ... 

Pocket Gamer Awards 2012 nominees revealed
Bath, UK – 8 th February 2012 – Steel Media is proud to announce the shortlist for this year's PocketGamer Awards. Selected by the Pocket Gamer team from several hundred titles across the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Java and Sony/Nintendo handheld ...

Xbox 720, PS4 are a gamer's dream, but a developer's nightmare
From a gamer standpoint, everyone wants Microsoft or Sony to announce a new console. Whether it be an Xbox 720, or PS4, actual gamers are ready. Now developers on the other hand, aren't quite so eager for the switch. Depending on who you ask, ...


UK Prefers Twitter And Facebook To TV, Reading And Video Games, Says Survey ...
By Shea Bennett on February 8, 2012 8:00 AM 65 percent of 16-24 year-olds in the UK rate social media as their favourite hobby, ahead of watching television, reading and playing video games, says a new study. One third of this group spent upwards of ...

Curt Schilling: Lifelong Gamer Continues to Live Out His "Fantasy"
Huffington Post (blog)
Instead, he wanted to use his mathematical mind for another longtime passion of his: creating kick-ass video games. Long before "Moneyball," Schilling was known throughout the game as a "stats guy." The "gamer" had excelled for every team he played on ...

Gamer's Piece: Navigating your video game purchase
UConn Daily Campus
Unlike all the other media that have multiple formats, video games have numerous systems sharing the same, general technical power. Honestly, you can't really be so harsh on GameStop solely selling "Xenoblade" in an industry where Uncharted is only on ...

Video games sales dip not deterring start-up developers
By Michelle Hammond Australia's interactive games industry remains buoyant as local developers lead the way, industry groups say, despite a dip in “traditional retail” computer and video gamessales during 2011. According to new data from independent ...

Gamer's Grasp: Old Gamers
Baruch College The Ticker
With technological innovations aimed at broadening the consumer market for video games, what has also helped bring gaming mainstream is that gamers have continued to play games well past the original 18-24 demographic. Parents who have grown up playing ...

Bill to Tax Violent Video Games Introduced in Oklahoma
Tom's Guide
If you can't pass a law banning the sale of violent video games to minors, why not just slap on an extra tax? That should discourage sales to minors, right? That's the central idea behind a new proposal slithering out of Oklahoma by House Rep.

Does Silence Speak in the Loudest Voice?: Misconceptions about Silent ...
By Kevin Dickinson 8 February 2012 As far as narrative and gameplay mechanics go, the silent protagonist has a long and venerable history in video games. In fact, it is only a slight exaggeration to say that the silent protagonist has been around as ...

LG, Unity Technologies team up to bring video games to Smart TVs
Unity Technologies and electronics manufacturing giant LG are teaming up to bring video games to Smart TVs in 2012. The deal is similar to one LG recently made with cloud gaming service Gaikai and is all part of the company's plan to market its line of ...

Mac Uni presses start on video games courses
Australian Techworld
Semester 1 2012 marks the debut of Macquarie University's new programs focussed on the design, development and critical analysis of video games. For the first time the university will offer "Interactivity and Games" as a major for students studying for ...

News round-up: True Crime reborn, LittleBigPlanet goes karting...
Today's been a rare February day in that we've actually seen some video games announced (or leaked, or re-announced). The game formally known as True Crime: Hong Kong re-emerged this morning like a phoenix from the flames, with the new title Sleeping ...

David Elks: How playing video games could help change the world
This is Staffordshire
Don't get me wrong, video games are first and foremost entertainment. But I learned more about the basics of business and profit margins from games such as Theme Park than I ever did from GCSE business studies. I've often found that a great game can ...

BioShock Infinite boasts 3D compatibility on PlayStation 3
BioShock Infinite will feature stereoscopic 3D visuals, according to a Twitter post by Canadian video games retailer FutureShop.ca. In a stream of updates from the PlayStation Destination event taking place in Arizona, the retailer revealed the 3D info...


Should the Xbox 720 block used games? One studio CEO says it would be "unfair"
As developers continue ever more stringent methods of downloadable content distribution for video games and 'season pass' access codes, rumours swirl that the next Xbox could block used games. Last month, a report claimed that the next Xbox iteration ...


LittleBigPlanet Kart Racing coming to PS3
US retailer Future Shop Gamer, in attendance, has posted on Twitter that Sony has revealed LittleBigPlanet Cart Racing on its way to PS3. Further details are scant, but it did also note that the game will be 3D compatible, and will come with a ...

Time to take down Braniac: exclusive reveal of DC Universe Online's next big ...
PC Gamer Magazine
PC Gamer: Braniac is fighting us directly? I always figured he was more of a “sit back and let minions take you out” sort of bad guy. What is it that finally pushes him to face us personally? Andersen: As a comic-book cut scene explains in-game, ...

PC Gamer Magazine

Sleeping Dogs Reveal Trailer Has Nothing To Do With Video Games
There's a lot of action in this trailer for Sleeping Dogs, once known as True Crime: Hong Kong, which publisher Square Enix officially re-announced today. Unfortunately, none of it looks anything like a game. I guess it's a good watch if you like ...

Game on: Schilling thrives in 'retirement'
Known as the ultimate gamer over his playing career, Schilling now tries to sell his product to a different kind of gamer. As the founder and chairman of 38 Studios, Schilling is in the midst of the type of high he used to get on a cold October night ...


Editorial – Morality in Mass Effect 2
Gamer UK
As a gamer, you'll know that most games have a combat element in them. From Mario stomping on goomba's heads to chainsawing the locust in half in Gears, some way or another you will end up killing something in today's games. And mostly we're fine with ...

Police Academy's Jonesy Appears History of Video Games SFX Video
Gadget Helpline (blog)
Police Academy star, stand up icon, gamer and personal hero Michael Winslow appears in a new clip currently going viral on the social internet. The actor, best known as the nuisance causing noise-maker Jonesy in the comedy cop films, is an avid player...

Gadget Helpline (blog)

US gamer numbers have doubled since 2008
According to a new Parks report, the amount of Americans playing games for at least one hour per month has risen to 135 million from 56 million in 2008. The rise has been attributed to the ascension of free-to-play and social markets, which have drawn ...

US Gaming Population Has Almost Tripled Since 2008
The last few years have dramatically changed what it meant to be a “gamer.” All of a sudden, a genre that had previously only included people willing to invest in powerful computers or home consoles blew up to potentially include anyone with access to ...

The Last Of Us: New Screens Show Enemies, Weapons, Environment
The Last Of Us will pit gamer against human enemies as often as not, with player-character Joel counting pistols and two-by-fours among his arsenal, judging by brand new images from The Last Of Us, courstesy of a GI video.

5 Reasons Why Used Games Aren't Evil
There has been a used games market for as long as there have been video games. And the industry has not only survived but thrived. Even putting all other issues aside, it's still my right to sell something I own on to someone else.


PS3 Firmware v4.10 Holds Awesome New ... - Terminal Gamer.
By Mike Hartnett
PS3 Firmware v4.10 Holds Awesome New Feature... Dropbox Support is Finally Here.
Terminal Gamer

DreamWorks Animation's Animated Video Games
By Steve Hulett
D3Publisher has secured the ... rights to develop and publish the video games based on the upcoming DreamWorks Animation feature films Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and Rise of the Guardians in 2012 and The Croods in 2013.
TAG Blog

Video Games, Good or Bad : Pointer Press
By LKellerhouse
They are video games – one of the most talked about products in America. Video games are taking up children's time like no other, but is this good or bad? They come in many different forms including role playing games, first-person shooters, ...
Pointer Press

What's Next for Video Games : The Antelope
By Video webmaster
Antelope Polls. Do you think the SOPA bill should pass? Yes. We need to prevent online pirating. No. We should not be censored on the internet. View Results. Loading ... Polls Archive ...
The Antelope

Enter College with a Major in Video Games | ivtcscs.org
By admin
Parents may be surprised when their kids proclaim upon entering college that they are going to major in video games. But today, more than four decades after the.

Nine Global Game Companies Join Forces for Gamer Safety Week ...
By Martuk
Gamer Safety Week is about more than the simple intricacies of Internet password safety, and while that is very important, it's also about online safety in general. There are a lot of dangerous and manipulative people in the world and some of ...
Ten Ton Hammer

This Is Why Of Burning Video Games In Barely 30 Seconds | Jordan ...
By edwards
Would you want to realize how to melt away video games along with your property Laptop? Should you be the fortuitous who owns an xbox 360 elite I think the response to this query is yes. Nowadays let us show you the best way to burn ...
Jordan Events

Gigantic news from Skylanders! | Front Towards Gamer
By Xalaga
We had the pleasure to review it last year and gave it a 9 out of 10. Skylanders combines everything we love and made it all into one game. Collectible figures, trading cards of sorts, video games, and stickers! Because really…who doesn't like ...
Front Towards Gamer
Mass Effect armour console mods announced | GGS Gamer
By Aarron Barker
TapeItOrDie.com · Joseph Haygood on No More Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition Before Launch, says BioWare · Could Skyrim Become Even More Gorgeous? | GGS Gamer on Skyrim Mod Roundup · Kabalyero on DC Universe Online to Go ...
GGS Gamer

Another Gem to the PC: Alan Wake | Airborne Gamer
By AirborneGamer
Another Gem to the PC: Alan Wake. When is it coming to the PC, I don't know.
Airborne Gamer
What Makes A Gamer: Rage Quitting [eGamer] | N4G
eGamer tries to define What Makes A Gamer by adding Rage Quitting to the list of ... Rage quitting is an essential part to gaming, and this makes you a gamer.

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