Curt Schilling talks video games, baseball, and 'Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning'

Curt Schilling talks video games, baseball, and 'Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning'
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
... up around video games. You got to see gaming's humble beginnings all the way to what your team is creating today. What attracted you to the industry when it first became a hobby of yours and then a profession? CS: I've been a gamer my whole life.

Gamer's Manifesto: Reviewers yearn for would-be sequels
Lexington Herald Leader
Here's a look at some picks by the reviewers for the Gamer's Manifesto for best games and series that, sadly, haven't seen a sequel or new installment in the past five years. Nintendo's Wii relaunched the exercise-game rage, but Microsoft's Kinect ...

Lexington Herald Leader

Play video games for a living? TwitchTV is making it happen
CBS News
(CBS) - Mothers, go ahead and let your kids play video games. They just might be able to make a career out of it. The video game streaming website TwitchTV is the phenomenon you've probably never heard of. Launched in June 2011 by the folks at the ...

Investing In Video Games: Pay To Play Or Free To Play?
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PTP implies monthly or annual fees for playing a certain MMORPG while a free-to-play MMORPG speaks for itself: no fee is charged unless a gamer wants to buy some artifacts or to upgrade his/her character to get an edge in the game. Free to play.

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Lawmaker proposes tax on violent video games
We're talking about a tax on violent video games. State Representative Will Fourkiller has been a teacher, coach and even a registered nurse. He says he saw firsthand how video games can lead to obesity and says research shows they can lead to bullying ...

Quebecor buys into mobile video games with BlooBuzz stake
Globe and Mail
Quebecor Inc. QBR.AT is pairing with a group of entrepreneurs to launch a video game company focused on developing titles for mobile devices. The Montreal-based media conglomerate says it is taking a majority stake in newly formed BlooBuzz.

Globe and Mail

The Ridiculous Three-Month Ban of An Innocent Xbox Gamer
It all started when Hinkle, an American assistant university professor and gamer, had his Xbox Live account hijacked last October by Russian hackers. In an email Hinkle sent to Kotaku, he details how it went down: My account was stolen and migrated to ...

The Founding Fathers of Video Games
A youth wasted on video games unexpectedly paid off for me in an assignment to profile the old dogs behind the newest gaming company: Innovative Leisure. Operating under the theory that the 99-cent download is the new quarter drop, ...


Antec High Current Gamer M PSU Series – Shorts Clutter, Gains Power
Nerd Reactor
The High Current Gamer M PSU Series, featured bellow, is the latest in Antec's desktop PSU power modules. A 400W, 520W, and 620W selection is available with the extremely popular hybrid modularity, allowing for a cleaner system build with less ...

Nerd Reactor

Paul McCartney's next frontier: video games
Not content with merely reinventing the Great American Songbook of jazz standards as fare fit for a Beatle, Paul McCartney revealed yesterday this week that he's been working on soundtrack music for an upcoming video game. Macca didn't reveal the name ...


The Cost of Being a Video Gamer? $17K a Year? Really?
Video games are a fun hobby, but no one ever said it was an inexpensive one: a brand new video game for the Xbox can run you $60, and a hardcore gaming rig can cost upward of $2000. But does assassinating Templars and avenging angry birds really cost a ...

Centenarian Keeps her Mind Sharp with Nintendo
ABC News (blog)
Proving that video games are not just for teenage boys, Connell told The Sun in the UK that her handheld Nintendo DS helps her keep her mind sharp. Connell, who is able to live alone even though she's had both legs amputated, describes her average day ...

ABC News (blog)

Meet The Newest Members of the Kotaku Team
Here's Tina: "I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember, but what started out as often having to sneak in game-time when my older brothers weren't looking eventually evolved into covering the industry professionally.

Digital Learning Day; Students at Randolph County School Design Video Games
Wouldn't it be nice to just sit around and play video games all day. Well students at one local school got to do just that during one of their classes, but with an educational twist. More than 2000 students across the country celebrated Digital ...

How one innocent Xbox Live gamer got the ban-hammering of a lifetime
So now my account is permanently banned, and I thus lose all my DLC and XBLA licenses, and can't play my game saves online on other gamer tags and so on. All because of the Policy Enforcement Teams absurd zero tolerance tactics, and unwillingness to ...


Mass Effect 3: Combat Vs RPG, New Enemies & Story Spoilers – First 90 Minutes ...
For every gamer that adores Mass Effect 2 there's a rare, dissenting voice who claims it's been tarnished by the cover shooter genre. BioWare disagrees, but says that improved combat mechanics are better for everyone. They're not wrong, either, ...

The cost of being a gamer
Sydney Morning Herald (blog)
The total includes dubious purchases like a $180 uninterruptable power supply, $250 headsets, $500 gaming chairs, a disc repair machine, and a replica Gears of War Lancer. It also includes items you couldn't say were only used for gaming, ...

GAME in talks with money lenders over future stock fears
PC Gamer Magazine
A Now Gamer source said that Game has lost credit insurance with a number of major publishers after a big downturn in profits during the Christmas period. A loss of credit insurance means that GAME would have to pay for batches of new stock up-front.

PC Gamer Magazine

Video games do teach
Surrey Leader
The aim of video games is not bloodshed and violence any more than the aim of sports is hurting people. In fact, video games are useful tools that teach the current generation. They teach what loss means. When you lose a match, it teaches you to cope ...

Ghost Trick out on iOS today
... recent and can be played in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. The game is also a universal App, so you can purchase it once and then re-download it on other devices. If you still need convincing, read Nintendo Gamer's Ghost Trick review.

Nearly ALL Teens play Video Games
A recent study, conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project, has found that 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls play video games on a regular basis. Half of the 1102 kids, ages 12 to 17, polled had played one within the last 24 hours.

Zynga's Brian Reynolds Joins Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences' Board of ...
MarketWatch (press release)
2, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), the professional video games organization advancing the artistic values of the interactive entertainment community, and Zynga /quotes/zigman/7720406/quotes/nls/znga ...

Do gamers really want collector's editions?
GoozerNation (blog)
I guess if you are a fan of the series or the collector's editions contents are unique, then as a gamer go ahead and buy it. As for myself I'll wait for the price to come down. Collector's editions for everything is going to be a trend that gamers will ...

GoozerNation (blog)

Test Spins: Lana Del Rey
Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
After posting “Video Games” on YouTube late last summer, she experienced a meteoric rise, earning a record deal with Interscope and a performance on Saturday Night Live. “Video Games” was the stuff of indie music fantasies.

Review: Soul Calibur V (New Gamer Nation) | N4G
Review: Soul Calibur V (New Gamer Nation). After over two years, Soul Calibur is back with the fifth installment in the franchise in Soul Calibur V. Weaponized 3D-fighting platforms have separated this particular franchise from others, and with ...
N4G: xbox360 news feed

Using Video Games to Improve Fitness – Exergames Unlocked
By migarza
According to this article on Diabetes Forecast Online, there are a few reasons that exergames show promise in doing this: 1) exergames cause players to burn more calories than sedentary video games, 2) exergames are fun for an added ...
Exergames Unlocked

Clove stops selling Asus's Transformer Prime tablet ... - Pocket Gamer
Retailer 'not satisfied' that unit is fit for sale. Click to read the full 'Clove stops selling Asus's Transformer Prime tablet 'until further notice'' news article. For more Transformer Prime news and Android news, visit
Pocket Gamer |

Facebook app helps friends share books, DVDs and video games ...
By Springwise
StuffPal is a Facebook app from Los Angeles-based Loconuts that facilitates the sharing of books, DVDs and video games, enabling friends to view each other's inventories for items they might like to use.

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants Anti-Bullying Tax on Video Games
By Owen Good
"Violent video games," a governmental classification of speech and expression that the Supreme Court found a smidge troubling last June, would be taxed extra under a proposed law in Oklahoma, with the collected money going toward state programs fighting bullying and child obesity. Here we go again. ... games 8:30 PM 9897 Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants Anti-Bullying Tax on Video Games · xbox live 8:00 PM 27955 The Ridiculous Three-Month Ban of An Innocent Xbox Gamer ...

Cheapskate Gamer | Kotaku Australia
By Lamboman007
Yep, it's that time of the year again. The time when games start coming out again. The time when your wallet is only just starting to recover from t...
Kotaku Australia

100 Year Old Great Grandmother Reveals Video Games Are Her ...
By Jeff N
100 Year Old Great Grandmother Reveals Video Games Are Her Secret to a Healthy Life. Wednesday, 1st ... Posted in Blog Archive, Clearly a Gamer ... Parcel Gamer Takes On GameStop, Gives Money To Publishers From Used Game Sales ...
The Jace Hall Show

Are Video Games the New Fountain of Youth? : Lifestyle
By Alicia
She doesn't credit a healthy diet and exercise to her longevity, nor does she take special medication or vitamins – she simply plays video games! Kit, as her friends ... Check out the video below of thegamer talking all about her beloved DS!

US Nintendo Zones welcome Pokemon eps and 3DS ... - GGS Gamer
By Joe Fourhman
6, Nintendo Zone™ will offer a variety of new content, including playable demos of select Nintendo 3DS video games and a dedicated Pokémon™ section that will feature full-length episodes of the Pokémon TV series. All of this exciting new ...
GGS Gamer

Gamer Girl of the Month Emily / The Game Heroes
By Handsome Tom
Gamer Girl of the Month Emily Gaming Isn't a Hobby, It's a Way of Life.
The Game Heroes

5 Games Every Self-Respecting Gamer Should Avoid. | N4G
A collection of 5 games that any gamer with their wits about them should avoid like the plague. ...Criterion Collection should take an interest in video games ...

Nintendo-playing centenarian says video games secret to youth - Digg
Forget jigsaw puzzles or knitting, a centenarian from East Renfrewshire says the only way to keep her mind active is playing computer games on her beloved ...

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