Playstation Vita lets players engage in portable video games

Playstation Vita lets players engage in portable video games and stay in touch
Plain Dealer
By Damon Sims, The Plain Dealer View full sizeSony EntertainmentThe PlayStation Vita, the latest hand-held video-game console from Sony, goes on sale Wednesday starting around $250. The console features motion controls, two touch screens, two cameras, ...

Plain Dealer

World Video Game Companies
MarketWatch (press release)
21, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Video game companies generate revenues by selling software (game publishers) and hardware (console manufacturers).

The WGA's Baffling Video Game Writing Award
Fifteen or twenty years ago, the existence of a “Video Game Writing Award” would be laughable. With most characters completely mute, a few might blurt out random catch phrases like “It's a-me, Mario!” Crazy Final Fantasy text-based plots were as ...

Prince Fielder traded his video-game self to the Tigers before reporting to camp
Yahoo! Sports (blog)
Prince Fielder himself admits to using one of his sons' video games to take a peek at his new reality before reporting to Tigers camp on Monday. That's not much of a surprise if you know of the 27-year-old's penchant for having kid-like fun, ...

Yahoo! Sports (blog)

Video Game Quick Hits 2/21/12
Big Shiny Robot!
The recent rumors were that Rocksteady, makers of Batman: Arkham Asylum and City, were possibly working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Now we've got a poster popping up at the 2012 Toy Fair (courtesy of that indicates the brand ...

Big Shiny Robot!

NBA 2K12 video game updates Jeremy Lin ratings
The problem is that no one really even gave him a second look before, including the people at 2K Sports, which prides itself on providing the most sophisticated sports simulation video games. Lin was given a mediocre rating in the latest edition of NBA ...

Young Justice: Legacy Video Game Announced
Interactive Entertainment announced a video game titled Young Justice: Legacy today that will be based on the animated series: Little Orbit, a worldwide game publisher, announced today that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Warner Bros.

Can video games cure cancer?
GlobalPost (blog)
Technological advancement is often driven by the hardware demands of new video games. Now researchers say that such advancements are aiding in cancer research. Visitors play at the 'Starcraft' stand of US video game company Blizzard Entertainment ...

Sony Puts Faith in Video Game Consoles
Nervousness about the future of mobile gaming is especially acute in Japan, home to Sony and its main game-hardware rival, Nintendo “Dedicated handhelds have a problem,” says Michael Pachter, a video game analyst at Wedbush Securities.

Young Justice: Legacy video game to arrive in 2013
Comic Book Resources
Interactive Entertainment have announced a video game based on the Cartoon Network series. Arriving in early 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 260, Young Justice: Legacy is set between seasons 1 and 2 of the animated series, with an original storyline by ...

Comic Book Resources

Gamer's Domain #3 for 2/21/12
Marshalltown Times Republican (blog)
I highly encourage you to do some research (specifically on YouTube) about Guild Wars 2, because I can easily say it is the most visually stunning and impressive video game I've ever seen. And the footage is just from the beta!

Doctors see more injuries from video games
ABC2 News
BALTIMORE - Wii sports, Tetris, Madden NFL, if you have kids in the house or a grown man, chances are you have video games. They can be hours of fun, but they're also becoming the source of a lot of pain. Doctors say busting a move to the latest game ...

ABC2 News

Mass Effect 3 Trailer & Multi-Player Demo Encourage Gamer's to Take Earth Back
Gaming enthusiasts were able to get an intro into this video game blockbuster that is expected on store shelves March 6th, 2012. The Mass Effect 3 first person shooter will be getting an additional Extended Cut Trailer on Tuesday February 21st, ...

The First Kickstarter Project to Raise $2 Million is an Adventure Video Game!
Singularity Hub
by Aaron Saenz February 20th, 2012 | Comments (0) The future of video games is in the hands of the crowd…and it looks like it's going to be a great adventure. In the last week, Double Fine Adventure has become the highest grossing project on ...

Singularity Hub

Popular Animated Series Young Justice Coming to Video Games for the First Time ...
EON: Enhanced Online News (press release)
Interactive Entertainment for the Young Justice: Legacy video game set to ship in early 2013 for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo's Wii™ system, and the Nintendo DS ...

Creepy Internet Stalkers Harass Female Video Game Designer For Months
What makes this all noteworthy for us here at FemPop is that the attacks aren't just related to her opinions on video games or her ability to craft dialogue. Even though she's one of multiple writers on each project and it is impossible to for the ...

New video game releases
Kansas City Star
Target: up & up brand ibuprofen 24 count bottles are around $1 each. There is a coupon on Target's website for $1/1 — which makes them FREE! Find more Target deals here on Penny Pinchin' Mom. Zicam is offering free samples today – February 21st.

A third of PS3 owners 'seriously considering' Vita purchase - survey
Research from video game price comparison website has found that 32 percent of 1321 PS3 owners polled are "seriously considering" buying a PlayStation Vita. Of these, half previously or currently own a PSP, and 22 percent plan to pick up a ...

In an alternate reality, video games changed world history
But what if video game characters crossed over to our reality instead? I located a magic warp zone behind a toilet…the same interdimensional gate that led me to really good Sonic the Hedgehog games. This time I saw a bizarro reality where historic ...

Change is coming for videogame ratings
Kansas City Star
By BRIAN CRECENTE Video games' ratings boards from around the world are working in concert to create a more efficient, less expensive system to rate video games for all countries. The new global system won't change the familiar ratings found on a video ...

Video game tribute 'Real Life Goldeneye' is a viral hit
TNT Magazine
For fans of the immortal Jame Bond video game Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64, a brilliant and painstakingly recreated tribute has arrived. Seen as one of the finest games of all time, the addictive third-person 1997 film adaptation gained millions of ...

TNT Magazine

In the age of Wii, video game fan opens classic arcade
Chicago Sun-Times
By Julie Mullen For Sun-Times Media February 20, 2012 4:14PM Matt Urquhart, formerly of Algonquin, plays a one of a kind prototype of a game called "Big Buck", Wednesday, at No Limit Arcade in Algonquin. | Dave Shields~For Suntimes Media.

A Video Game Starter Guide for Total Newbs
The Mary Sue
You have unlocked the Progressively-Minded Gamer Conundrum achievement! The examples in this guide are limited to PC games. We can argue the respective merits of consoles and PCs until we're all blue in the face, but if you're reading this article, ...

Sony prepares for Playstation Vita launch
By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor The Japanese electronics giant hopes the new PlayStation Vita portable gaming console, which goes on sale tomorrow, will convince users to play more video games on dedicated devices, rather than turning to the ...

Does a video game have to force us to make good choices?
I don't think we need a video game company to force us to use our innate moral compasses and reward us when we use that moral compass correctly. ... which takes us back to Big Bear Butt again, oddly enough, and a little post he wrote this weekend on ...

The Factors At Play In Video Game Industry
Eurasia Review
The video game console industry is very much a two-sided market. Just as buyers prefer Internet auction sites with a large number of sellers, and vice versa, both gamers and game publishers prefer consoles that have a large market share.

Hairstylists Create New Young Justice Video Games
Bleeding Cool News
Little Orbit, creators of the Nintendo Wii/DS game Busy Scissors, to teach people hairstyling tricks, is making Young Justice Legacy video games for next year, for the Playstation 3, XBox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Although by then, they'll all ...

Video Game of the 2012 Olympics Announced. Gamers Everywhere Groan.
Gamer UK
Before I begin, I'd like to say that I like the Olympics. I really do. I think it's an excellent example of international goodwill and sporting competition, and I'm actually looking forward to the games this summer. What I don't like are games that try ...

Video Game Reviews | RotoRob
By Herija Green
Weak controls brings down the overall score of Warp, Herija writes.

What Is The Best Selling Unbundled Video Game Of All Time? - How ...
By Jason Fitzpatrick
When it comes to video game “sales” nothing helps a game sales rank more than being bundled with a popular console. Tetris, by default of being bundled with the Nintendo Gameboy for years, has enjoyed sales reaching past 35 million units ...
How-To Geek

By Amanda Dyar
Dread Central is the premier website for breaking news, original content and active community in the world of horror, covering movies, DVDs, games, collectibles, live events and music. If it's got something to do with the dark and horrific, you'll ...

How Video Games Changed Over Time (14 pics) -
By Xaniel
See how modern video games look compared to their classic predecessors. See how modernvideo games look compared to their classic predecessors. 1234567891011121314.

Eluga smartphone marks mobile phone comeback ... - Pocket Gamer
Not bad for a first attempt. Click to read the full 'Eluga smartphone marks mobile phone comeback for Panasonic ' news article. For more Panasonic Eluga news and Android news,
Pocket Gamer |
FPS Games Help Those with Bad Eyesight | GGS Gamer
By Dan Spicer
Always self-congratulatory and wildly late to the party, I'm here to bring you news of the future:video games will be prescribed by doctors. Alright, that's a wild overstatement, but a few recent studies have shown the benefits of playing video ...
GGS Gamer

Study: Violent video games alter brain functions in young men ...
By Lisa Eldred
The debate has been raging for years as to whether violent video games actually result in violent behavior. Intuitively, it seems that it would. However, researchers like Henry Jenkins and Cheryl Olson have found few if any correlations. In fact ...
Covenant Eyes

The Slow Bleeding Out of Future's GamesRadar | Front Towards ...
By Shanghai Six
If you're a fan of GamesRadar and TalkRadar, then it's probably been a rough couple of months for you.
Front Towards Gamer

Young Justice: Legacy Video Game Announced - -
Interactive Entertainment for the Young Justice: Legacy video game set to ship in early 2013 for PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo's Wii system, and the ...
Toy News International

US video game sales fall 34 percent in January - Technology ...
LOS ANGELES — U.S. retail sales of video game hardware, software and ... Sales of console and portable software — the video games themselves — fell 38 ...

Video Game Releases: February 19th – 25th 2012, Syndicate and ...
Video Game Releases: February 19th – 25th 2012, Syndicate and Asura's Wrath ... 46m ago - STP: Zombies are becoming a fairly tired symbol in video games, ...

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