This Pro Gamer Lady Will Electrify You

This Pro Gamer Lady Will Electrify You
Early last year, pro gamer Linda Liao made waves when she joined Team Razer's competitive gaming team. Lao isn't only a pro gamer. Oh no, she's much more. In her native Taiwan, she's an actress and pop star, who stars in dramas like Chase or They Are ...

Playing video games at dinner's okay, as long as you're adult about it: Mintz
Toronto Star
Perhaps video games and life are not mutually exclusive. “Look at me. I'm out of the house right now,” says the full-time gamer. “It's proof that it can happen.” Hatton even finds time to record music under the names DJ Finish Him and Megashaun (among ...

Video Games as Physical Therapy? USC Uses Motion Capture Technology to Heal ...
LA Weekly (blog)
A Pew Research Center survey last year found that 23 percent of those 65 and older play video games; other research shows that people who play games have a better ability to think spatially and imagine objects in three dimensions.

LA Weekly (blog)

GAME British Academy Video Games Awards *Announcement*
Be sure to Vote for your favourite game by using this link: Don't forget, Its awards like this that drive the gaming industry forward & pushes the developers to create even better games for you the gamers!

Romance-Killers: Video Games that Want You Single
CBS Local
I know there are gamer girls out there who could jam a minigun up my ass and pull the trigger until it clicks, but in my experience 100% of girlfriends suck at games. And if you try to warn them about the Goomba they're slowly walking towards, ...

CBS Local

PaymentOne and Live Gamer work together to bring growth to global options for ...
QR Code Press
Live Gamer, the first combined advertising and digital commerce platform for the interactive entertainment sector in the world, and PaymentOne, a leader in mobile payments worldwide, have announced that they will be working together to grow the ...

QR Code Press

AverMedia announces Live Gamer HD live streaming card
However, live streaming games, especially if you're not on a PC isn't as easy as it should be, but AverMedia has announced a solution which should make it a lot easier called the Live Gamer HD. Admittedly we can't say that we're spending a lot of time ...


Misguided Video Games Bill To Do Some Good?
Having played video games for the better part of my 33 years, most of them violent, I staunchly believe that violent video games don't make people more violent; and regardless of the numerous debunking of “studies” that supposedly proved the point, ...

Teenaged Gamer Convicted of Stealing Virtual Goods
Gaming Bus
By Nathan Wood Last week, a teenaged gamer was convicted of stealing two virtual items while playing RuneScape, a free massive multiplayer online video game. This involved two youths beating up and threatening a thirteen-year-old boy at knife point to ...

Here's why love should find a way into more video games
Lexington Herald Leader
And there was definitely some type of relationship budding between Aeris and Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII, before Sephiroth killed Aeris in an infamously heartbreaking scene that drew a tear from even the manliest gamer. However, even the supposed ...

Lexington Herald Leader

Tetris max-out score by New York gamer is the fastest ever
Recently another gamer stepped up to the challenge and not only maxed-out the score but did so in record-setting fashion. By topping out his Tetris score on Level 26, Matthew Buco of Larchmont, NY has reached the promised land faster than any gamer in ...

2K Sports Introduces MLB 2K12/NBA 2K12 Combo Pack For Xbox 360
But very rarely do you see a worthwhile combo in video games. Well, 2K Sports is offering one anyway starting at the beginning of next month... 2K Sports has announced that it will be launching the Major League Baseball 2K12 combo pack exclusively on ...

Video games industry widens market measurement ability
The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (iGEA), New Zealand's interactive games industry body, with its independent market research group NPD, are pleased to announce that its retail measurement has captured close to 100 per cent of New ...

Video games: Batman still has caché
Catholic Sentinel
NEW YORK — Even after 70 years, the image of Batman — a lone figure prowling the night to protect the innocent — has lost none of its potency. By adopting a code of honor and turning the trappings of evil against those who would do evil, ...

How to Survive the Apocalypse ... According to Video Games
Phoenix New Times (blog)
Sure, we can look to scientists and historians to tell us what to do, but when it comes to actual training, they're about as helpful as a mini-nuke without a Fat Man, which is why we have turned to video games for guidance. ​If we have learned anything ...

Phoenix New Times (blog)

Gamer Saloon hires 3 as it moves to downtown Royal Oak
Metromode Media
Gamer Saloon recently moved its headquarters from Southfield to downtown Royal Oak, a move that should facilitate significant growth for the video-game networking company. The six-year-old firm recently hired three people, expanding its staff to eight...

Metromode Media

How to Combat Children's Addiction to Video Games
Arirang News
She continues with her video games without batting an eye. [Interview : ] "Park Seo-yun! Are you playing with your sister[Interview : ] "It's time to eat. Are you going to keep playing[Interview : ] "I want to keep playing.

You Can Hire These People To Write Term-Papers About Anything, Even Video Games
These mercenaries will write about anything: Math, science, humanities, and even, as it turns out,video games. After learning about a particularly brazen "buy your college papers" website called "Unemployed Professors", the jokers over at the video ...

Taiwanese Gamer's Body in Cafe for 9 Hours
MyFox Houston
MyFoxHouston - A 23-year-old Taiwanese gamer's body went undiscovered for nine hours in an Internet café, Sky News reports. Chen Rong-Yu was found dead in his chair, hands still stretched out toward his keyboard and mouse, on Jan. 31.
MyFox Houston

"Gamers At Work" Book Released Worldwide
by Jordan Davis category Columns - The More You Know Ever find yourself wondering the real reason video games never went out of style? You're in luck because your answer lays in the new collaboration Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play ...

Gaming Laptops Webpages Updated By
PR Web (press release) updates its gaming laptops webpages to include the new Razer Blade and the Samsung Series 7 Gamer. updates its gaming laptop pages to reflect new laptops and new laptop discount coupons. Recently, all webpages and ...

PR Web (press release)

Locking pre-owned games would be unfair
That's the thing, there are hundreds of millions of gamer's out there now. The broadband infrastructure of the world simply isn't robust enough (yet), to handle mass adoption of digital downloads of that size. It's why Blu Ray discs still have the best ...


Valve's "Skyrim" DLC "Fall of the Space Core" May Hide Info On "Portal 2" Quest (blog)
In the video above, a PC gamer opens up the console and types "help portal", which brings up a cryptic mention of a "portal2quest". Okay, we're probably jumping the "gun" here (ha), but what could possible be a better addition Skyrim than an Aperture ...

D3Publisher And DreamWorks Reach A Deal For “Madagascar 3,” “Rise Of The
... like all dads, is doing everything he can to hold his family together as the world around them changes at a dramatic pace. The Croods is scheduled for release in the spring of 2013. Which of these video games are you the most excited for?

US PS Store update: Shank 2, Gotham City Impostors
Players will experience all the memorable scenes from all four films in the humorous and quirky LEGO video games style. ESRB rated E10+ File size 7.3 GB Catherine ($39.99) Explore the pleasures and horrors of love as Vincent, a man with a hard choice ...

Dash 3D Windows Phone app challenging and frustrating
Phones Review
With the Dash 3D app for Windows Phone the gamer has to guide a small ball through a maze of obstacle courses such as rotating walls, and dangerous hazards whilst picking up power-ups along the way so you can keep going. The object of Dash 3D is to ...

Phones Review

Virgin Gaming and NOS® Energy Drink Announce Strategic Partnership
EON: Enhanced Online News (press release)
A leading-edge convergence of competitive online gaming and video games, Virgin Gaming offers robust community features with member pages, community reputation and skill ratings, a variety of exciting tournament formats and more.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 Review * Brutal Gamer * | N4G
Brutal Gamer's Zeth writes: The original Grand Slam Tennis may well have passed escaped your attention. In all fairness the original Wii exclusive title was little more than a cartoonish take on the tennis genre with the added selling point that it ...
N4G: xbox360 news feed

Romance-Killers: Video Games that Want You Single « Mancave ...
By mreal197
Video games are worse at human love than the Alien: theyâ ™re both silicon-based, too horribly direct for romance, and the results are hideously painful. And at least the Alien can claim it got to suck on someoneâ ™s face for a while.
Mancave Daily - Detroit

Find The Best Music For Video Games
If you are a die hard gamer, you would appreciate the music for video games that are incorporated. The music that is a part of the game needs to be carefully selected and developed as it must gel with the aim of the game.

Very best Online Video games in recent history — Scatter Sunshine
By Sunny
About this Entry. Very best Online Video games in recent history was posted on February 9th, 2012 at 4.35pm and is filed under Uncategorized. This entry has no comments (yet). You can follow any responses through the RSS 2.0 Feed.
Scatter Sunshine

Sometimes Video Games Can Really Piss You Off!........Literally ...
By Poison
Video of urinal video games controlled by your urine.
College Poison

Play this: Shank 2 – Video Games Reviews, Cheats |
By Ray Walters
... is available on Origin and Steam. Tags: action games, Klei, origin, Reviews, Shank, Shank 2, sidescrollers, Steam, violent video games ... Esta entrada fue publicada en Gamer, Móvil, Noticias por Webmaster. Guarda el enlace permanente. » Blog Archive » Culch Valentine's: 5 Video Games For ...
Culch Valentine's: 5 Video Games For Single Players. Thursday, February 9th, 2012. Hi there gorgeous,. So, Valentine's Day. Starry-eyed loser, star-crossed lover or cross-eyed malcontent, you're bound to have an opinion on it, yes? Be it a ...

Antec Announces the High Current Gamer M PSU Series « ZWAME ...
By Metro
Berlin, Germany – February 8, 2012 – Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components, announces High Current Gamer M series, a mid-range wattage class of Hybrid Modular power supplies. The High Current Gamer ...
ZWAME Press Releases

CryENGINE®3 Licensed For New IP | Front Towards Gamer
By GamerGirl
Warhorse Studios have announced that they have sealed the deal on the the license for CryENGINE®3 for their upcoming RPG.
Front Towards Gamer

Board 2 Pieces February 9, 2012: A Guide to Gamer Etiquette Part 4 ...
By Ted Alspach
One Response to Board 2 Pieces February 9, 2012: A Guide to Gamer Etiquette Part 4: Sportsmanship. jeffinberlin says: February 9, 2012 at 7:07 am. I do a salsa dance when I win. Reply...
The Opinionated Gamers

Top 5 Best Sold Video Games of This Generation
By hotonline
NPD Group created a list of the best sold video games. The list considers games released ever since 1995, and the sales are adjusting with the inflation rate in mind, but they provide a pretty good picture on the gaming industry. So, let's take a ...
What's Hot Online ? Hot Entertainment...

Game Giveaway - The Witcher: Enhanced Edition ... - Airborne Gamer
By AirborneGamer
Game Giveaway - The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut. Enter now.
Airborne Gamer

The PC Gamer Rig revisited | PC Gamer
After a couple of weeks off in which we looked at alternatives to the traditional gaming tower, it's time to turn on our PC for the average gamer, the PC Gamer Rig ...

Pokémon Video Games |
Find the latest news, videos, and screenshots for all your favorite Pokémon games, including Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions, Pokémon Ranger, ...

A Brief History of Video Games Breaking the Fourth Wall | N4G
Criterion Collection should take an interest in video games ... 7d ago - An interesting opinion on the Batman series of video games | PC. Comments (0) · infyza ...

Merchant Risk Council - Gamer Safety Week Starting Feb 6th
February 6, 2012 – SEATTLE – The Merchant Risk Council's (MRC) Gamer Safety Alliance today announced the inaugural Gamer Safety Week (GSW) ...

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