Curt Schilling looks to hit home run with 1st video game

Gamer up: Curt Schilling looks to hit home run with his company's 1st video game
Winnipeg Free Press
It's a day to remember for Curt Schilling. "It's Opening Day on a second career," the former major league baseball star said. "I don't know any other way to put it." Tuesday marks the release of "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning," the first title from ...

Cyberpower Gamer Ultra 2104LQ Gaming Desktop PC
About - News & Issues
By Mark Kyrnin, Guide Feb 7 2012 - Just looking at the specs, the Cyberpower GamerUltra 2104LQ seems to be a pretty solid gaming system. The problem is that the new AMD FX processor is a bit too radical in its design to offer the same level ...

Seven steps to survive gamer rage
The Stylus
Gamer rage is something most video game enthusiasts have encountered at some point in their lives. For a hobby demanding such a time commitment, it can be earth-shattering when something goes wrong in a game. In order to deal with the seemingly unfair ...

Gamer's Domain #1 for 2/6/12
Marshalltown Times Republican (blog)
What I'd like to talk about today concerns a genre that almost every gamer is familiar with: the MMO (massively multiplayer online). But first... In my lifetime of playing video games, the FPS (first person shooter) genre was dominant in my collection ...

Can Video Games Reduce Youth Violence?
The Root
In her Philadelphia Inquirer column, Annette John-Hall explores the use of video games to help recondition the thinking of some of today's youths at a time when crime is skyrocketing in her city. She cites a gamer who wants to help stem the tide.

David Jaffe leaving 'Twisted Metal' dev to start new 'gamer-centric' studio
Jaffe later went on to make a call out to developers looking to make next gen games "as well as cool stuff in the browser space" that is "action-oriented, gamer centric" and a "few things in between." For now, Jaffe says he is focued on the launch of ...

STUDY: The average gamer has £135 of unused games lying around
Shiny Shiny
However, according to a new study the average gamer has more than £100 worth of unused games lying around that could be cashed in. The research carried out by video game marketplace found that the average gamer has £135 worth of video games ...

Shiny Shiny

Violent video games top sales as players shoot to thrill
Herald Sun
"We know that notion of the 'hardcore' gamer is being challenged, with gamers crossing genres frequently," he said. Game titles sales last year topped $900 million, down about 14.6 per cent on 2010. The most popular games were shooters and action with ...

Meet Marthazon, The 70-Year-Old Gaming Grandma
Huffington Post
Schneck describes playing video games as the perfect activity for retirees on a fixed income. "It costs about $15 a month [to play WoW] and it's all the entertainment we need. We don't have to drive ourselves anywhere, spend money on gas, buy equipment ...

The Ultimate Gamer Lounge: Billets 9mm Earphones Review + A Giveaway
Bloody Disgusting
I'm a fairly picky person when it comes to my earphones. I'm no expert, but It's my personal opinion that you should always have a decent pair of earphones, whether you're listening to the Dead Pixels podcast on the go, or you really just want to have ...

Bloody Disgusting

BioShock Infinite: 'Even the team don't know the ending,' admits Levine
That's not the way we present stuff to the gamer. We don't ship a document. The story is only relevant in terms of how you present it, not the details of what it is. "I don't want to send out a document which is the game story, because to me that's not ...

'HD graphics are slightly excessive,' says Final Fantasy creator
"I think that the HD images which have become mainstream in the TV industry are, for me personally, still rather over the top for the world of video games. There's a tendency for developers to allow all their energy to be diverted into maintaining the ...

Studios join forces to form Gamer Safety Alliance
by Jef Reahard on Feb 7th 2012 10:00AM This week is Gamer Safety Week, and before you laugh at the thought of getting injured while playing your favorite MMO, we should point out that the safety has more to do with your accounts than your person.

UK Retailer Game To Cut Jobs - But Only From Head Office
Game will cut 46 roles from the 400 in its head office as part of a restructure designed to enable the group to "better to respond to the current video games market". Game will also undergo an executive reshuffle as the group attempts to turn its ...

'Wreck-It Ralph': Explore the worlds of Disney's animated homage to video ...
Entertainment Weekly (blog)
To do that, he must escape his own game and travel through his arcade to other games to prove his worth, and EW has an exclusive first look at the concept art for three of the faux video games in the computer-animated film.

Gamer Safety Alliance Announce Gamer Safety Week
by Andrew Donnell category News Ten of the biggest games companies around the world have joined together in the Gamer Safety Alliance to introduce the Gamer Safety week which will run from the 6th February to the 12th February.

The Video Game Humans of the Future Should Look This Awesome
Not trailers, not movies, not cartoons, but video games. SSS has been written entirely in DirectX 10, and everything you see is being rendered in real-time. Don't believe them, you can download the original demo here and try it yourself.

Volition dev says next Xbox's pre-owned block would be “fantastic”
The retailer could make some extra cash from selling pre-played games and thegamer could get his fix for less money, now the said cash strapped gamer will just hack his Xbox to play pirated games… That is gonna hurt the said developer. copies in...


In-App Purchases Powering Free-to-Play Game Model Says Parks Associates
In 2008, according to Parks Associates, only 7% of US gamer downloaded games or gaming apps to their mobile devices. That grew to 18% in 2011 partly due to better, stronger smartphones and tablets. Among tablet owners, 71% of adults and 79% of teens ...


Should Video Gamers Be Prosecuted for Stealing Virtual Objects?
Slate Magazine (blog)
Last week, the Dutch Supreme Court made a curious ruling: It convicted a teenagegamer of stealing something that doesn't exist. The defendant stole two virtual items while playing RuneScape, a free massively multiplayer online video game.

Slate Magazine (blog)

Oklahoma Unfairly Taxing Violent Games if Bill Passes
Oklahoma is looking to tax violent video games differently from other video games. This legislation seems to be against the first amendment if ever there was a case for it. They want to put a 1% tax only on violent video games. What's next?


Gamer Safety Week 2012 «
Sony Online Entertainment has joined together with a number of high-profile game companies under the umbrella of the Gamer Safety Alliance to bring you Gamer Safety Week, running from February 6th to 12th, 2012. Our goal is to raise ...

Apple threatens to revoke Developer Program ... - Pocket Gamer
War games. Click to read the full 'Apple threatens to revoke Developer Program membership of developers found 'manipulating' App Store charts' news article. For more Apple news and Multiformat news, visit
Pocket Gamer |

Antec High Current Gamer M PSU Series
Antec announces High Current Gamer M series, a mid-range wattage class of Hybrid Modular power supplies. The High Current Gamer M series is an extension of the HCG PSU line issued in late 2010 but features hybrid modularity, allowing ...
Guru3d Latest Headlines

3D Video Games the 1987 Way « OGR
By famicomblog
3D Video Games the 1987 Way. A recent shopping trip turned up a bargain – a massive headset in a box that allowed one to experience the Famicom in all of its 3D glory. Just like Avatar and all that stuff. Amazing. The wonders of science, will ...

No, You Cannot Tax 'Violent' Video Games, Oklahoma
By Dan Seitz
an Oklahoma state representative, wants to slap violent video games with a 1% tax. You might remember that California ate pavement over this exact issue in front of the Supreme Court, so why does Fourkiller think he can get away with such a ...
Gamma Squad

Front Towards Gamer Radio AMBUSH, Episode 88: Gotham City ...
By Shanghai Six
Special episode interviewing Monolith's community manager Dayne McClurg and associate producer Lucas Myers for Gotham City Impostors!
Front Towards Gamer

New Collection: Video Games, Gaming Culture and the Impact of ...
By Maureen Pennock
Crazy about computer games? Then nominate websites for our new video games collection! An exciting new collection is underway to preserve information about computer games developed and played in the UK. It will include resources that ...
UK Web Archive Blog

Kairos Transmedia Acquires The Directors Cut » Village Gamer
By Tami
mini-orby Toronto-based Kairos Transmedia, a new media content creation company focused on youth, has acquired all the capital stock of Richmond Hill company The Directors Cut Canada as well as The Directors Cut USA. The Directors ...
Village Gamer

The Last Story Director Says HD Graphics Are “Excessive” For Video ...
By sickr
“To be honest, I think that the HD images which have become mainstream in the TV industry are, for me personally, still rather over the top for the world of video games. There's a tendency for developers to allow all their energy to be diverted ...
My Nintendo News

Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula VGA Cooler Review - Deepcool ...
Today we take a look at the flagship GPU cooler from Deepcool, the Dracula. The Dracula is part of Deepcool's Gamer Storm line and is designed for those that ...

Video Games | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
This is what my son does most of the time that he is at home.

Opinion: The dangers of gamer entitlement - Edge Magazine
Opinion: The dangers of gamer entitlement Outcry over Where's My Water's 69p level bundle and Half-Life 3 highlight the problems of players loving games a ...

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