Oklahoma Bill to Tax Violent Video Games Is Clueless

Oklahoma Bill to Tax Violent Video Games Is Clueless and Inconsistent
Except for the part where it baselessly assumes “violent” video games are in fact bad for you, and the other part where it doesn't includes books, music, movies or any other form of entertainment in the lineup. The bill, introduced by State ...


Gamer Dies in Taipei Internet Cafe, Nine Hours Later Someone Notices
Chen Rong-yu of Taiwan checked into an internet cafe in the city of New Taipei on Tuesday evening to play popular multiplayer PC game League of Legends. Wednesday evening a waitress found the 23-year-old sitting rigidly in his chair, hands outstretched ...

White House to Boost Educational Video Games
By Joe Arico | Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:51 am President Barack Obama has started an initiative to develop video games that are educational and healthy for people of all ages, using gaming's growing audience to boost citizens' fitness and political ...


R18+ video games set to get the nod
Herald Sun
VIDEO games with an R18+ rating could be sold in Australia from next year. Legislation for the adult category for games classification is expected to be debated in Federal Parliament in a matter of weeks. But the guidelines for the classification are ...

Annette John-Hall: Using video games to reduce violence
Philadelphia Inquirer
"I used to teach my sons through video games. It's about pattern recognition and being adaptive," says Victor Melbourne, 38, a childhood pal of Small's and a longtime gamer. "You can get some good bonding time in, too. I'd lose to them on purpose and ...

Great Video Games: 'GoldenEye' hits the mark
The Baylor Lariat
“GoldenEye 007” is certainly one of the greatest games of all time, not only for its exciting gameplay but the innovations it brought and the impact it still has on video games in the present. Does reading this article make you think of a video game ...

The Baylor Lariat

1.4 Million Unsold Video Games Won't Be Buried in the Desert
Yesterday, we learned that the video game publisher THQ is sitting on 1.4 million unsold copies of uDraw, a hugely unsuccessful game designed around a tablet peripheral. uDraw was such a disastrous investment—the publisher lost around $100 Million on ...

Bite Me Season 2 Teaser - The Gamer's Zombie Apocalypse Series (Exclusive ...
Watch it here! http://www.youtube.com/show/biteme Bite Me Season 2 Teaser - The Gamer'sZombie Apocalypse Series (Exclusive Machinima Live Action Series) The Bite Me Season 2 teaser has finally arrived! Jeff, Mike and Greg are back.

Take This Mitt, and Pass Me the Broadsword
New York Times
Still a hard-core gamer, he haunts online forums as “Ngruk.” But he is perhaps most famous for pitching postseason games with an injured tendon in his right ankle — even after sutures tore open, allowing blood to soak his sock. Now, dressed in jeans, ...

New York Times

5 best zombie games ever
Zombies have been around just as long as video games, if not longer. So it was only a matter of time really before the living dead showed up on gaming systems. Our internet digging leads us to believe the first title to feature shuffling brain munchers ...

The Life of an Offline-Only Gamer
The biggest thing that a gamer like me misses out on simply because I picked the wrong place to live is online multiplayer gaming. Imagine for a second that you just got your new copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. You have heard all the buzz, ...


Sony insists Vita sales 'are not a problem'
First Sony needs to make an amazing piece of kit that will make the hardcore gamer "NEED" one. IMO, they've done that - the the next phase isn't down to them. For Japan they need a monster hunter game and for the west, they need a call of duty.

Gamer Constructs Zelda Timeline After Playing All Games In A Month
Game Revolution
Fans of the Legend of Zelda series have been attempting to formulate some sort of timeline that connects all of the major Zelda games (some poor saps even try to tie in the CD-i games). With Nintendo's Zelda artbook, they kind of hammered out their own ...

Average Gamer 2.3.12: Cars Edition
Welcome back to the Average Gamer. I am Dan Watson and if you are a weekly reader, you were probably expecting the top girls of gaming this week. I made a last minute change due to the fact that I have been having so many car issues I figured lets...


OP-ED: THQ and Ignition Troubles Show That Gamer Taste Threatens the Industry
By Ryan Winterhalter, 02/02/2012 This week was not kind to video game publishers. THQ announced plans for 240 lay-offs amidst the board of directors and CEO giving themselves a 50% paycut. Meanwhile, Disney bought a controlling stake in India-based UTV ...

Best Sewer Levels In Video Games
Let's take a look at The Best Sewer Levels In Video Games. Did your favorite sewer level make it on here? If not, tell us about it in the comments section! Also, what do you think it takes to make a good sewer level?

Video games retailer, 'Games The Shop' opens first store in Bangalore
Video and computer games retailer, “Games The Shop” has opened its first store in Bangalore (eighth in the country) at Mantri Mall. The new outlet will offer gaming softwares, hardware consoles, and accessories. Speaking on the occasion, Anand Khemani, ...


THQ CEO admits confidence was “misplaced” on children's video games
THQ chief executive Brian Farrell ate some major crow on his company's analyst conference call today. “We anticipated our third fiscal quarter would be the largest in our company's history,” Farrell said. “Unfortunately, we were wrong.

Gamer jailed over shoot 'em up plug-in
A GAMER who created a plug-in piece of software for a popular shooter game - earning profits of more than 900000 yuan (US$142777) - was yesterday jailed for five years for running an illegal business. Zeng Ling, 22, was also fined 1 million yuan at the ...

GAME Swinging cancelled after Sydney event
GAME Swinging - the gamer's "speed-dating" event hosted by the retail giant in Sydney, Australia - didn't quite take off as the next big thing, with the scheduled Melbourne and Brisbane events cancelled due to complaints. GAME hosted the inaugural ...

Here's 25 Awesome Coffee Table Books About Video Games
Miguel Concepcion recently posted a healthy reminder that gamers CAN be bibliophiles—especially where books about video games are concerned. Behold, the 25 Best Video Game Coffee Table Books. 1001 Video Games You Need To Play Before You Die.

The 25 Most Kickass Dragons in Video Games
Complex.com (blog)
By Obi Anyanwu | Feb 3, 2012 | 9:57 am | Permalink If there is a book out there on the history of video game characters, there has to be a chapter devoted to dragons. Dragons in gaming emerged as early as the game Atari Adventure in 1979, ...

Scattered Discs And One Dollar Video Games
Kotaku Australia
Video games. The Barras smelt like cheap hamburgers and hangovers. I'd clutch my pocket money firmly and try in vain to keep up with my Dad as he power-walked through the crowds. Half walk, half run, a thin spray of mud sticking to the back of my jeans ...

SoulCalibur V and Jak & Daxter are two new video games to check out
By The Times-Picayune Each Tuesday, video games are released, giving gamers lots of options. Two recent additions to the stable of games are the recently released "SoulCalibur V" and "Jak & Daxter Collection," which is due out Feb.7.


Fall of the Samurai's new toys won't split Shogun 2′s online playerbase
PC Gamer Magazine
Shogun 2: Total War's standalone expansion will let you play online with existing Shogun 2 players, even if they haven't bought it. Whether you've discovered Fall of the Samurai's trains, gatling guns and cannons or not, you'll still be able to compete ...

And in other PC gaming news…
PC Gamer Magazine
VG247 report that Thief/Deus Ex/System Shock creator Warren Spector is set to receive this year's GDC Lifetime Achievement Award. Well deserved, as I'm sure any PC gamer will agree. A riddle for the weekend, readers: if a map-hat could map hats,...

PC Gamer Magazine

Sniper Games 365 Announces Launch of its New Website
Einnews Portugal
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, February 03, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Sniper Games 365 has unveiled its new website offering gamers access to a comprehensive library of first-person shooter video games. The website, http://www.snipergames365.com, ...

In-Game - Corpse sits in gamer cafe for 9 hours
By Matthew Hawkins
Stay up to speed with news and reviews on video games for the PC, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Android, iPhone, iPad, Facebook and more. ↓ About this ... It costs more than $17000 a year to be a gamer apparently. 3. days. ago ...
Newsvine - In-Game - Articles

Gamer dies at PC in Taiwanese Internet cafe and nobody notices ...
By Rik Henderson
A man died at his work station in an internet cafe in Taipei, Taiwan, this week, but nobody noticed for up to nine hours. Twenty-three-year-old Chen Rong-yu.
Pocket-lint : Latest News

Video games continue to build on spatial data - VerySpatial
By Jesse
As I have said before, fan of geo and fan of games, so when they come together it is better than the sum of the parts. The (long awaited) next installment in the SSX series will bring together one of my favorite franchises with real world elevation ...

Eye Level: The Making of The Art of Video Games
By Georgina
The Art of Video Games exhibition opens in less than two months (on March 16, 2012), so things are getting a little hectic around the museum! Early in January, the exhibits team did a round of testing for the 5 "playable" games that will be in ...
Eye Level

Playing Video Games With Screech Was Weird « CBS Houston
By Jim Mudd
NFL veteran turned actor Bob Golic joins Vandermeer and Lopez on Radio Row. We talk about Saved By The Bell and other acting roles.
CBS Houston

Breitbart.tv » Lawmaker Targets 'Violent Video Games' For New Tax
By Christian Hartsock
Democrat State Representative Will Fourkiller proposed a tax on "violent video games," citing bullying as a potential social consequence.

OSTP Studying Benefits of Video Games » CCC Blog
By Erwin Gianchandani
It comes as recent research shows that video games now reach across demographic and generational lines. The advent of cellphone and casual games such as Angry Birds and Farmville have reworked the typical gamer profile in ...
CCC Blog

Sexism in Video Games | GameZombie.tv
By Christine
The argument of sexism's presence in video games has been around for quite a while. People have thrown the word at a plethora of games, stretching from genres like fighting with the Dead or Alive series to FPS games like Duke Nukem ...

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Letterman) | YOUR MUSIC TODAY ...
By L.U - YMT
Lana Del Rey returns to night time television after a previous “unsuccessful” attempt a couple weeks back on SNL. This time around she performed 'Video Games' over at Late Night with David Letterman, and I thought she did great job.

UK top 20 video games chart, week ending 28 January | Technology ...
Yup, Fifa 12 is still at the top of the chart. Yup, it's definitely there for the long haul.

Oklahoma Politician Wants To Tax Violent Video Games - Slashdot
dotarray writes "According to an Oklahoma politician, video games help cause many problems affecting the youth of today, but they can also help solve those ...

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