Guinness World Records reveals Top 50 Videogame Endings of All Time -- Call of Duty: Black Ops tops List

Call of Duty: Black Ops’ crowned winner OF greatest videogame ending in Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition poll - - 2012 - Latest news - Guinness World Records: "Guinness World Records can today reveal the Top 50 Videogame Endings of All Time as voted for by 13,519 fans of gaming. Conducted for the new Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition book, the list will cause heated debate among passionate gamers and provide further evidence of the growing sophistication and popularity of videogames. Last year's best-selling videogame, Call of Duty: Black Ops, developed by Treyarch, tops the list. . . .  "
Gamer who put new spin on pinball dies at 100
Columbus Dispatch
Advertised prices for flights must include all taxes and fees under new rules taking effect this week for airlines to eliminate some of the unwanted cost surprises for air travelers. The change is part of consumer protection regulations from the US ...

Video: Game Hunters' guide to PlayStation Vita
USA TODAY (blog)
By Mike Snider, USA TODAY Sony's new handheld and portable video gamesystem the PlayStation Vita is out today ($249.99 for the WiFi-only model, $299.99 for 3G/WiFi model). In our story, "What's PlayStation Vita got that my smartphone doesn't?

USA TODAY (blog)

Video games sales down, hobby games up in 2011
In a move that may reflect the shifting United States economy, video games sales plummeted 38% and hobby games sales are up 25%. The NPD Group's January figures indicated that sales of video game hardware fell 38% to $199.5 million, down from $324 ...

Video Game Deal: 'The Darkness II'
Geeks of Doom
As part of their weekly video game deals, Amazon is currently offering The Darkness II for PC Download for only $24.99 (that's 50% off the list price of $49.99). Note, this deal is valid through the end of the week until Saturday, February 25, 2012, ...

Geeks of Doom

Impulsive Kids Play More Video Games
Although the findings indicated that playing violent video games also can be linked to impulsivity and attention problems, the overall amount of time spent playing any type of video game proved to be a greater factor, according to the article.

There is a Video Game Dating Site. Sigh.
A site called Date a Gamer has just gone live in the UK, with a "particular slant for helping Gamers hook up". "Whether you want to date an online player, meet up with fellow geeks, or get some nookie just before you get into another Call of Duty ...

Online video game boosts cognitive functioning in older adults
Newstrack India
Washington, Feb 23 (ANI): Playing online video game World of Warcraft (WoW) may help improve cognitive functioning for some older adults, researchers suggest. A new study from North Carolina State University has found that playing WoW actually boosted ...

Game Dork: Video Game makers cling to old ideas
Journal and Courier
The glut of video game sequels is starting to make game companies seem as if they're clinging to old ideas. I'm about to review "Twisted Metal," "Rayman Origins" and "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom." If I'm not mistaken, this is roughly the 14th "Rayman" ...

Man tries to take video games by stuffing them in his pants: North Olmsted ...
Sun Star Courier
13 a man tried to steal seven video games valued at $289 from the store. The suspect was seen stuffing the games down the front of his pants before trying to leave the store. DISORDERLY CONDUCT, COLUMBIA ROAD: A Honduran national faces possible ...

Sun Star Courier

The good and bad of video games
These become the days of the hand-held video games. ASSOCIATED PRESS Despite fears, hand-held video games have little effect on children's vision, posture or hands, experts say. Parents around North Jersey find themselves balancing the benefits of an ...

Gamer Dating Site Isn't all that it Seems
UK Based dating site Date a Gamer went live two days ago and has magically acquired 150000 members in that time. For magically acquired, read: probably harvested a whole bunch of personal data to get their member numbers up.


Massachusetts Digital Games Institute to Launch Summer Innovation Program ...
MarketWatch (press release)
The MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program gives eligible students the chance to work on the winning video game concepts resulting from the MassDiGI Game Challenge competition being held April 13-15. The Summer Program will kick off in May 2012, ...

Game Guru: Video games leaked on the web
Gaming media has a different relationship to the video game industry than traditional news outlets. The first mediums were directly sponsored and owned by video game companies. Nintendo Power, one of the first wide-reaching video game news outlets, ...

Marketing Zumba Fitness: Selling Games without Gamers
Which brings us to Zumba® Fitness – exactly the sort of not-a-game game that brings the dedicated gamer out in hives. Based on the Latin-dance aerobics program conceived at the turn of the millennium by Alberto “Beto” Perez, the Zumba Fitness games, ...


Video Game Review: 'Dear Esther'
Science Fiction
'Dear Esther' is an experimental game that made me question everything I know about video games. In a typical video game review, I would discuss weapons, enemy types, and leveling up, but this is not a typical game. When the game starts, ...

'Pokémon Snap' takes shot into great video game list
The Baylor Lariat
Editor's Note: This is an article in our ongoing “Great Video Game” series in which readers and staffers alike are asked to submit a few hundred words about a video game that they consider to be great. This week's suggestion comes from online reader ...

The Baylor Lariat

Learn How To Make Video Games With This Video Game
Code Hero isn't your basic first-person shooter. You'll have enemies, and you'll be "shooting" them, but it won't be with assault rifles and pistols. Instead, you shoot lines of Javascript to command the environment around you.

Nostalgia Overload: New Tumblr Challenges You to Draw Classic Video Game Maps ...
What is it about video game worlds that etch themselves so vividly in our mind's eye? A fun new user-generated blog aims to unearth the latent digital cartographer in you. Mapstalgia is the brainchild of Josh Millard, a self-described “nerd-type” from ...

Sony signs up Playboy: Models pretend to play Vita.
PS Vita has an absolutely cracking launch line-up, but if Uncharted and FIFA don't manage to lure in the core gamer, Sony's probably hoping these Playboy bunnies pretending to play WipEout will. As part of its Vita partnership, Playboy's "gamer next ...

Warren Spector: We have a chance to preserve our video game history
"Unlike earlier media, like film and television, which were born at a time when historians and academics tended to focus on an established canon of 'important' works and 'great men,' video games were born at a time when the cultural gatekeepers were ...


Top 5 Best Old School Sports Video Games
Yahoo! Sports
Contributor Network Feb 22, 12:54 pm EST I've been playing sports video games since I was old enough to hold the controller. After careful consideration, I've compiled a list of the five best old school sports video games of all time.

California's failed attempt at video-game censorship costs the state $2M
Boing Boing
By Cory Doctorow at 1:00 pm Wednesday, Feb 22 Now that California's video-game censorship law has been struck down by the courts, the state finds itself $2 million poorer, having had to pay the legal expenses of all the vendors they sued under it.

London's burning in new video game
The Sun
By JC SUTTUN Out in shops on March 9th, the game is set to be one of the biggest releases of the year. The final part of the sci-fi trilogy concludes the story of Commander Shepard and his quest to defeat the evil Reapers, a race of machines intent on ...

The Sun

Bioshock Infinite: A video games that takes on US politics
GlobalPost (blog)
Bioshock Infinite, a fantasy video game, addresses issues related to the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. Bioshock Creative Directors Ken Levine (L) and Greg Gobbi (C) pose with the 'Bioshock' character at Spike TV's 2007 'Video Game Awards' at the ...

Eye Disorder Healed by Video Game
Newsmax Health
Playing a video game that involves shooting enemies on a battlefield has helped some adults who were born with a rare eye disorder improve their vision later in life, scientists said Friday. The research shows that some sensory abilities that may seem ...

Binary Domain review: A brave attempt to innovate in a tired genre
replies Bo, one of the most stereotypical African American characters in video game history. Except he isn't coming. He's just standing next to us. "Help!" we shout, the screen fading to red, indicating our imminent demise. "I'm coming, man!" Nothing.

'Walking Dead' Video Game Gets a Web Series
by Nayla Wren on February 22nd, 2012 Zombies get a bad rap. Sure, they're dim-witted, undead, flesh-eating, brain-fiends, but they're also really savvy transmedia story tellers. For proof, just check out the many iterations of Robert Kirkman's The ...


Selecting Save on the Games We Make, Part 1
In the same previous three-part feature published last year, 14 video game developers and publishers discussed how they preserve their video games for future audiences. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony were among the video game developers and publishers, ...

Stephen Johnson Sucks at Video Games - Death On The Battlefield ...
By sjohnson
So I'm going to call upon the help of professional gamers, Satanic priests, art historians, and fashion consultants to traverse my personal desert and transform myself from a terrible gaming flunkey into the ultimate video game winner. Along the way, I'll be sharing tips, tactics, and ridiculous ... Jake's an experienced multiplayer gamer, so I've tasked him with providing an honest evaluation of my base level multiplayer skills. Medal of Honor Limited Edition Includes Battlefield 3 Beta ...
G4 TV - TheFeed

PC Gamer – April 2012-P2P » Releaselog |
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Pat's Fantasy Hotlist: Mega-gamer package winners!
By Patrick
Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Tor Books, these three lucky winners will receive a mega-gamer prize pack: - Greb Bear's Halo: Primordium (Canada, USA, Europe) - Karen Traviss' Halo: Glasslands (Canada, USA, Europe) ...
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

New Trailer for Dr Who Video Game 'The Eternity Clock' «
By geeksyndicate
I love the idea of a Dr Who video game as I think there's a hell of a lot you can do with the character and the Who universe. The trailer, however, left me a little cold and hoping theres more to the game than just a standard two player platform ...

Arcade Art: Massive Vintage Video Game Chart | Bit Rebels
By Diana Adams
If you love retro arcade games from the '80s like we do, you are going to enjoy this for sure. For a lot of us, playing those games when we were growing up was.
Bit Rebels

How to design video games that support good math learning: Level ...
By Keith Devlin
Published February 22, 2012 mathematics education , video game design Leave a Comment Tags: mathematics education, street mathematics, symbol barrier, video games. The Symbol Barrier Part 3 of a series. In my view, the most significant single benefit that video games offer to mathematics education is their capacity to overcome the biggest obstacle to practical mastery of middle school math: the symbol barrier. Yet to date, practically none of the now hundreds of math ed video ...

A girl and a glue gun: video game holder...
By Kimbo West
video game holder... I had the barbie holder done. the craft holder done...and i decided to whip this out before sytyc..and it soon became my favorite (as well as the son's favorite) it's just so darn useful! it holds all the crap that comes with the video every growing game collection! (pet peeve...when you buy a ds ... (as does the charger holder). i also added the pockets for the video games...i did measure to make sure it was even! then i sandwiched my canvas ...
A girl and a glue gun

Young Justice: Legacy Video Game Announced -
Search: In Soviet Russia video games play you. ... ...

Antec High Current Gamer M 620 W Power Supply Review ...
The new High Current Gamer M is a version of Antec's High Current Gamer power supply series with a modular cabling system. Let's take an in-depth look at the ...

Snow Shoveling-The Video Game
(YouTube Link) Just in time for a fresh batch of winter storms comes Snow Shoveling-The Video Game. If tired of having to shovel actual snow, or if you live in a ...

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