Kate Upton sells video games [video]

Kate Upton sells video games [video]
Kate Upton sells video games -- SOLD!

CBSSports.com (blog)
By C. Trent Rosecrans.

How the video games industry is faring
2: Sony Corp. says sales in the consumer products and services unit, which includes video games, fell 24 percent. It reports a loss for the unit in the latest quarter, compared with a profit in the same period of 2010. Sony partly blames lower revenue ...

Lana Del Rey Performs "Video Games"
Lana Del Rey Performs "Video Games" on Jimmy Kimmel Live Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night TV show on ABC. Subscribe for clips from the monologue, the interviews, and musical performances ...

New Video Games For the Week of 2/14: Veni Vici Ludi Vita
MTV.com (blog)
Forgive the rough (and possibly inaccurate Latin), but this week, the Vita launch begins as some gamers get their hands on the first wave of the limited edition console. Big name franchises like Lumines and Uncharted mark Sony's new system's debut, ...

MTV.com (blog)

Love and Warcraft: Spouses Being Pushed Aside For Video Games
U.S. News & World Report
A survey has found an increasing number of spouses who don't play video games are becoming “gaming widows,” seeing their significant other spend all their time in online worlds. By Jason Koebler If you're spending this Valentine's Day building ...

How to Woo a Gamer Guy
Escapist Magazine
Hey Gamer Gals! Are you looking for the perfect Gamer Guy to spend a romantic Valentine's Day with? Of course you are! Gamer Guys are amongst the finest specimens the human race has to offer, but competition is fierce! Ladies all over the globe are ...

Are video games carnivals of savagery, or works of art?
Telegraph.co.uk (blog)
Even when a gamer plays alone, it's not necessarily a bad thing. As Prebble points out, video games are active. The door on the right or the door on the left; fight or flight; trading, diplomacy or warfare – the choice is yours. In a good game, ...

Teens With Autism Preoccupied With TV, Video Games: Study
U.S. News & World Report
14 (HealthDay News) -- When given the opportunity to have screen time, children with autism spectrum disorders typically choose television and video games over social interactive media, such as email, a new study finds . The preoccupation with video ...

What's NASA doing making video games?
You might not be able to tell at first blush, but NASA is really into video games -- so much so, in fact, that the organization has produced several of its own titles to teach the public about the latest in aeronautics technology and research.


Future launches Nintendo-Gamer.net
The site will feature fresh and unique Nintendo Gamer content, and offer new and existing Ninty fans a place to hang out, have their say and engage. It'll play home to a range of in-depth Nintendo features, as well as news, reviews, previews, videos, ...

Gamer Proposes With Ascension
Wired News
By Jonathan Liu For Valentine's Day, we bring you this romantic geeky story, made possible by Ascension and Gary Games. Alan Gerding and his girlfriend, Crystol Shelton, both love playing Ascension . So when Gerding decided to propose to Shelton, ...

Gamer's Domain #2 for 2/14/12
Marshalltown Times Republican (blog)
I connected very well to this person's response because I, too, have noticed a problem in today'svideo games; one of the few drawbacks of newer technology, which I'll make #2: Number 2: The lack of split-screen compatibility in some new games.

Playing Video Games and Your Creative Mind
PsychCentral.com (blog)
By Douglas Eby Creative thinking and expression involves many skills and cognitive abilities, which can be enhanced by all sorts of experiences, even video games. As reported in a news release, a Michigan State University study concluded that “both ...

PsychCentral.com (blog)

The 25 Greatest Nintendo Romances
With Valentine's Day upon us, Nintendo Gamer invite you into their, er, gaming gondola (not as creepy as it sounds) and take a journey through the Nintendo's world's most heartwarming romances. Agree with the list? Disagree? Have one or two of your own ...

Love in Video Games: A Valentine's Day Roundtable
The nerds at 2D-X each have a different take and, unsurprisingly, it's about video games. Instead of talking flowers, poetry, and candies, we're discussing the most memorable examples of in video game history. Some are obvious heart-tuggers; ...


Average PC gamer spends 75 hours on Skyrim
Bethesda has revealed some interesting figures on Skyrim while discussing their new hit game at this year's DICE Summit in Las Vegas. Creative director of Bethesda Games Studios, Todd Howard, revealed that PC gamers spend an average of 75 hours ...

How To: Valentine's Day Gamer Cookies
The Koalition
Learn how to make your own gamer cookies – Zelda style! It's quick, easy, and perfect for your Valentine! Here's the detailed recipe below: In a bowl, mix the flour and baking soda together. Place this aside. In another bowl, whisk together the butter ...

The Koalition

Angry Birds finally lands on Facebook: Testing the new economics of video games
Sure, most of us have played Angry Birds in the past, probably on multiple devices, but even if you've grown tired of slingshotting birds at pigs, the arrival of the blockbuster action-puzzle game on Facebook this week is worth watching as an ...


Quiet PC Serenity Z68 Gamer Xtreme review
PC Advisor
Serenity Z68 Gamer Xtreme certainly isn'ta visual representation of peace and quiet. Its hulking frame dwarfs the rest of the group while its bright orange details seem to warn of the dangerous materials within. Dare to venture inside and it's a world ...

iPad 3 Specs: 10 Things It Needs To Stay Ahead Of The Competition
If you consider yourself a 'hardcore' gamer, chances are you'd opt for a session of Saint's Row: The Third on your OnLive - enabled iPad 3, rather than a quick bout of Angry Birds. The positive effect of OnLive launching on iPad 3 would be that the ...

Valentine's Day Gaming - The Best Games to Play with a Significant Other
Sometimes nailing down a game to play with your more casual-gamer significant other can be difficult, but here are some suggestions. Most games these days have some sort of violent element to them, which is not always the funnest to play on a date, ...


Gaming's best couples
For us, it means scrambling to come up with some tenuous and clumsy connection between romance and video games – and this was really the best we could do. Sorry. Yup, it's time for us to reflect on a few of the great love stories we've seen in video ...


From 8-Bit To 3-D, Video Game Art Through The Ages
Fast Company
The Smithsonian American Art Museum unveils The Art of Video Games on March 16, a retrospective that explores the pastime as an agent for technological change and artistic growth. From the post-arcade age to today, we revisit some of the games--and...

Fast Company

Has Hell Frozen Over? Call of Duty: Black Ops Wins Award for Best Ending
For the Guinness 2012 World Records Gamer's Edition Book, Guinness let fans vote on the 50 best video game endings, and the 13519 fans came up with Black Ops' ending. Second place is Halo: Reach's ending, where you fight to survive against the Covenant ...

Game On! TWIT's Take on Gaming
Where does an avid gamer go for gaming news? Traditional sources might give a new release a few sentences buried underneath the horoscopes and celebrity gossip. Of course a game publisher might have an IPO that makes it to the business page.


Lucasfilm Signs New 10-Year Deal With LEGO For Star Wars Games And Toys
Lucasfilm has announced that they have renewed their licensing agreement with LEGO Group to continue producing both toys and video games based on the Star Wars franchise for the next ten years. What's interesting is that they did mention games here.


It Costs $40000 to Patch a Game?!
Crave Online
By Erik Norris Video Games receive post-launch patches all the time. Whether it's to stomp out a pesky bug, tweak some settings for balancing purposes, or add new features, patches have become an industry mainstay. However, thanks to an interview over ...

GDC 2012 details first-ever Games for Change @ GDC Summit
This new Summit, scheduled for Tuesday, March 6th, and organized in partnership with the non-profit group Games for Change, will examine how video games can serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts. In addition, the Summit gives ...


Sports Games for Valentine's Day?
Operation Sports (blog)
You could call my wife a gamer. Just not a sports gamer -- hey, I tried. The other night I popped in MLB 11: The Show and asked my wife what team she wanted to be. She said with much unease, “none.” So I chose the Indians for her.

iRacing Included in PC Gamer Top 100 — VirtualR – Sim Racing ...
By Montoya
PC Gamer magazine has included iRacing in their Top 100 games of all time list as the online racing simulation is rated #39 in the magazine's ranking. That makes ... Well a simulation is a sub-genre ofVideo Games. Its not surprising at all, ...
VirtualR - Sim Racing News

50 best video game endings named | GGS Gamer
By Aarron Barker
50 best video game endings named. Posted by Aarron Barker in culture, industry | 0 comments. 50 best video game endings named. 14 Feb, 2012. The Guinness Book of World records have today given us a surprising list of the top 50 game ...
GGS Gamer

No Cost Flash Games : Play Casual Video Games Online « JStreetJive
By Bparrot
Fancy Jeans Adventures sees an individual running through numerous Dr Zuess similar to levels, and unlike various other scrolling platform video games of its category, it incorporates a type of 'line rider' style physics through which your little ...

Ten Celebrities Who Appear in Video Games |
By Nattyb
Published by Nattyb at 8:00 am under Video Games. It's always fun to see something out of the ordinary when you're playing a video game. Most times it comes in the forms of funny songs or a game glitch you didn't expect. And sometimes the ...

Why Don't Gamers Finish Video Games?
By Ferry
The research concludes with the most likely answer why gamers don't finish video games anymore. According to the Entertainment Software Association the average gamer is 37 years old, and those who buy the most games are 41. So what's ...
Video Game Walkthroughs, Video...

Look At This...: Top 10 Banned Video Games
Look At This... Cataloguing the whole of the interwebs one multi-link post at a time. Now with added extra blogger goodness! Tuesday, February 14, 2012. Top 10 Banned Video Games · Just fscking Google it! Yummy · Leaky toilets?
Look At This...

Video Games: Building a Brand Outside of the Basement | Personal ...
It is truly the golden age of video games and like it or not we are all along for ... it appears now that everyone is a gamer, even if they don't play video games in ...

Pocket Gamer Awards 2012
These are the games we feel represent the finest examples of pocket gaming from the past 12 months – anything that got reviewed on Pocket Gamer between ...

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