Video games 'more creative than reading'

Video games 'more creative than reading'
The award-winning writer said playing video games requires more involvement and creative input than reading a book or watching a film - and also offers more opportunities to be active and sociable. Rather than being vilified, video games should be ...

Gamer Roulette: Double Fine Sets For New Adventure
Neon Tommy
Whether it's reviews, previews, or FAQ's, matters that are professional or just personal, make sure you check Neon Tommy every week for all sorts of interesting tidbits in the world of video games. And remember, it's dangerous to go alone.

Neon Tommy

Saucy Saturday: Sex, Lies, and Video Games
Piki Geek
What does stir the loins of a typical gamer? In the hopes of answering those questions, 20 male gamers and 20 female gamers between the ages of 21 – 35 were polled and asked who they thought were the five most attractive/appealing video game characters ...

How to make and eat the food found in your favorite video games
If you have ever had the craving to reach through the screen and grab a piece of video game food during a long play session, only to have to settle for some flat Mountain Dew and stale Dorites, we have some good news for you.

The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim: Todd Howard Hails Video Games
Gamebandits (blog)
Howard even goes as far as calling video games “the greatest form of entertainment”. He said that through games such as Skyrim, Bethesda was able to relay a narrative using the gamer's very own actions and the AI's responses to those actions.

The Future: A Scary Place
Gamasutra (blog)
I kind of feel like video games might be going the way of chewing gum, sitting in the impulse isle next to People magazine and The Star (is that still around?). The difference however is that Bubble Yum hasn't changed in like 100 years and they are ...

Black Op's takes Guinness' record for best game ending
Gaming Examiner
After over 13000 votes were counted in '2012 Guinness World Records: Gamer'sEdition' online poll, gamers picked Call of Duty: Black Op's as the best video game ending. Call of Duty: Black Op's beat out such game series as; Portal, Mass Effect, ...

Gaming Examiner

Guide to iPhone games, part 2
Daily Camera
By Marc Camron Rocky Mountain Gamer Last week, I offered my fair readers a heaping helping of iPhone games, both fresh releases of older games and some nice franchise extensions. But what about new games? Hardcore gamers want hardcore games, ...

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning First Impressions
As far as I can tell in my few hours of play it seems Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a well designed RPG that should appeal to almost any gamer. The quests are fun and not overly complicated. The 3rd person action works well as its intermixed with ...


Lana Del Ray has secret boyfriend in British indie band Kassidy
Lana Del Ray, who has enjoyed phenomenal success with recent singles Born To Die and Video Games, has been dating her secret boyfriend for more than six months, sources claim. The 25-year-old American singer is said to be seeing Barrie-James O'Neill, ...


Video Games Easter Eggs
3DS Buzz
Alright firstly I should explain to those who may not know what Easter Eggs are. Easter Eggs are hidden little secrets put into games and movies by the creators. These range from Cameos to Secret Messages to Hidden Enemies. I'll post a few to give you ...

Lana Del Rey beats Paul McCartney to albums No.1 with 'Born To Die'
Digital Spy UK
The 'Video Games' singer's first album proper lives on at pole position after beating Maverick Sabre's Lonely Are The Brave and Kisses On The Bottom from Beatles legend Paul McCartney to second and third place. Van Halen's 12th studio album A Different ...

Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves
Good morning and welcome back to Talk Amongst Yourselves, where you may feel free to discuss all topics related to video games. Whitney Houston is not one of them, though I did put out a bounty to find a news obituary that led with her contributions to ...

TA Community Interview - Apokalyp5e
As with most GI Sunday's, we've taken a break from our rigorous routine of hot-tubbing and being fed grapes to bring you the interview of Apokalyp5e, a gamer who has a few beefs with the industry, a love of metal, and a burning urge for BioWare to give ...


Gamers Quest To Beat Every Sega Master System Game
Is It Possible For A Gamer To Beat All The Games On A NexGen Console ??? Ninjabearhug is a collector of video games, and he has decided to dust off the Sega Master System and its game collection of 269 games and play them all.


Dev: Chinese, Koreans, Japanese Better At Making Next 10 Years Of Games
Cinema Blend
When you talk about the future of video games, the one word a lot of people cringe at is "MMO". Oftentimes the word is associated with shallow game experiences, poor UI and copy-cat gameplay mechanics from World of Warcraft. Well, one developer thinks...

Cinema Blend

Sony Explains Why They Didn't Publish 'Demon's Souls' Outside of Japan
Game Rant
The brutal title was well received by gamer's and critics, however, prior to its launch, Sony did not expect the title to preform well. Sony's president of World Wide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, recently spoke out on why they never published the dungeon ...

Game Rant

Comic, PS3 Game for Agent Vinod
Hindustan Times
The PS3 game is a first person shooter and will take the gamer, a prototype of the secret agent Saif plays on screen, through different levels of difficulty. “At each level, he or she will be provided with clues to nail the bad guy, who could range ...

Hindustan Times

Indie Games Spotlight for February 12th, 2012
He's a gamer, a bootlegger, a photographer and a connoisseur of the Ladies! Purchase “Trailer Park King Episode 2” now to continue the adventure and get a glimpse of "The King's" invisible stamp that says “I dated the Greeter”!


Gravity Daze Will Have Paid DLC
Just Push Start
With the Vita releasing in a few days stateside, many gamer's are waiting for Gravity Rush's release. However Keiichiro Toyama (Director) has been worried about the release. This isn't uncommon for anyone in the industry, but he's been releasing some...

Just Push Start

Epic shares processing requirements to run Samaritan
Epic Games is no stranger to developing powerful new means & tools to help in the creation of amazing looking video games. Unreal Engine 3 is one of the most used engines of this generation with such titles as Batman: Akrham City & Gears of War 3 being ...

Can Star Wars Topple World of Warcraft?
Motley Fool
Video games are just one area being affected by the largest technology revolution seen in decades: the shift to powerful smartphones and other mobile devices. The Motley Fool has just released a free report on mobile called "The Next Trillion-Dollar ...

Remote Controlled Twisted Metal: Real Life Shooting From Home Computer ...
David Jaffe might have a pretty crappy opinion on the importance of narrative in video games, but the man sure knows how to promote something. Over the last day, the Shoot My Truck promotion has been all over the place. Even actual news sites are ...

Star Wars Is Everywhere: Episode LXXII breaks down 5 Star Wars video games they'd really like to see. While we're at it, Jordan's other site,, is hosting a contest to win a star-studded signed TESB poster.

Article published on Saturday, February 11th, 2012
His compositions are featured on over over thirty-five (35) video games, including titles such as Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Chrono Cross and Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille zur Macht. In addition to scoring videogame projects, over the last decade, ...

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review | Video Games News, Reviews, Release ...
By Jordan Bayes
The Final Fantasy brand has a long and highly lauded history Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox 360 Playstation 3 Square Enix PS3 Release Date.
Trendy Gamers | Video Games Reviews,...

Mass Effect, Please Name my Babies | Airborne Gamer
By horizon011
Mass Effect, Please Name my Babies as I love you and would have your baby if you were real.
Airborne Gamer

Why Would A Instructor Make it possible for Pupils To Play Personal ...
By Anna
Instructional desktop computer video games can also enable strengthen the pondering abilities of students. Video games that inquire students to clear up mysteries are a very good way to grow critical pondering abilities in a enjoyment, ...
Club Sandwich Bay Area

Gamer's Souls | N4G
Gamer's Souls ...After a decade of being spoon fed power ups, regenerating health bars, treasure chests at every turn, maps, and hand holding through story, ...

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